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  1. What do you think about this one? Looks as if it was made yesterday :-) Reverse:
  2. Do you still have it? I´m interested in obtaining, but the price must be suggested by you.
  3. I want to help, but have nothing to add, I´m afraid.
  4. Look good all of them, but please try to post much better photos, when asking for judgement! :-)
  5. Interesting plate, but, IMO, very hard to say anything more about.
  6. Congratulations! That´s a very nice piece of history!
  7. I am looking for a photograph of Oberleutnant (Ing.) Ernst Endler. He was holder of the German Cross in Gold, and served in a Biber-unit.
  8. Fafnesbane

    RK EK K&Q

    I can´t see anything wrong with that cross. Does not look repainted to me. Perhaps your eastern friend has never seen an original K&Q produced cross? The black paint looks extremly matt, just as it should be. Is your cross for sale, by the way?
  9. Thanks! Now I know my eyes didn´t fool me.