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  1. Thank you for your input and remarks re. this. It always seemed logical to me that the sword is as described given that the Patrol was composed of ex-cavalrymen schooled in the use of such a weapon.
  2. Not sure what the metal content of this is. Certainly not chrome and looks very much like silver, though it seems unlikely that there would be a brass back??? On the other hand, If plated, it has worn very well over a period of some 60 years.
  3. Again thank you to those who have replied with information. Most odd is the fact that only yesterday, after trying for several days without any success at identification, I opened a book in a nearby bookshop only to find an illustration of a tunic showing this type of button! Have also managed to source a listing of Firmin backmarks which places it mid-C20th. Lee
  4. Please can anyone advise as to what this is? It came with a lot of Hertfordshire Constabulary badges. Is it in fact a police button at all? Approx. 9/10 of an inch in diameter. Two piece construction with silver(ed) face and brass back. Marked "FIRMIN LONDON". Grateful for any help re. this item.
  5. Hope that this works. If so there should be an immage of the light cavalry sword. Unfortunately despite description in sales catalogue:- A 1796 PATTERN LIGHT CAVALRY SWORD FOR THE HORSE PATROL NO.55, BY W. PARKER, MAKER TO HIS MAJESTY, HOLBORN, LONDON AND A VERY RARE HORSE PATROL ARM BAND with etched blade and in its scabbard. there is nothing visible in the photo to support this. Lee
  6. If I can eventually fathom how to upload an image will do so. Lee
  7. Thank you Mervyn for the information. Regarding the Thomas Del Mar sales catalogue. You will see from my original post that I in fact have a copy of this as a PDF document. The problem from the outset is that whilst the armband is refferred to as part of a combined lot including the light cavalry sabre it was never illustrated. Only the sabre was illustrated. I could let you have a copy of this if you wish.
  8. Thank you for your response. I have tried Thomas Del Mar but no luck I'm afraid. On the subject of the Bow Street office and with reference to your work THE POLICEMAN'S LOT, you refer to the tipstaves held in collections of the Canterbury Museum and at Bramshill. I have seen an illustration of said item in Fenn Clark’s book. Have you any idea of proposed date for these? Lee
  9. Please can anyone help? In 2006 Thomas Del Mar held an auction that included a Bow Street Horse Patrol light cavalry sabre plus and original armband. I have the catalogue for this auction as a pdf document, and although the sabre was illustrated the armband was not. By chance I came a cross an illustration of said armband sometime thereafter and saved (or so I thought) to disc. However, when last night I tried to find the image it appears to have disappeared - dumped, erased, whatever. I wonder does anyone have this illustration - or any of a horse patrol band? If someone can help then I would be indebted.