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    Koehler, Walther

    Hello fellow enthusiasts, One of K-Admiral Walther Koehler's Imp German Navy swords is in my possession. The scabbard is fitted with an unusual device for hanging the sword from the belt. Probably done for comfort. It is the large version of the Imp Navy sword. I would be very interested in seeing a copy of any photo where the sword is being carried. Also, if anyone has information other then what is listed in the Hildebrand/Henriot Book "Deutschlands Admirale 1849-1945", or the Ehrenrangliste der Kaiserlichen Marine 1914-1918" I would be interest as well. Thank you
  2. Reiter Rahmen 2.pdf Hallo, Ein mit Halbmond / Krone und 900 gestempelter Rahmen mit Reiterabzeichen. Die Steinschneiderei mit Monogramm des Künstlers. Das Reiterabzeichen ist 990 gestempelt und hat neben dem Hersteller das Monogramm JR ganz klein und sauber eingeritzt. Wenn jemand eine Idee hat was es ist, dann würde ich mich sehr freuen. The back of the frame is marked half-moon /crown and 900. The cameo with artist monogram. The badge, 990 by Lauer, has the owners initials "JR" scratched on the back, very very small, unnoticeable unless you look for it. Any comments?