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  1. Hi Leigh, Thanks for checking. As you say 1 PRU was formed 16 Nov 40 by re-designating the PRU. 3 PRU was formed on the 16 Nov 40 also. I've never seen the crest on photos of WWII 1 PRU aircraft in books but photo recce aircraft tended to have minimal markings.
  2. Hi Leigh, Thanks for confirming that the image is post WWII.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the "PRU" used this crest during the WWII period. I believe the attached Crest is post war due to the crown, can anyone confirm this. Best Regards
  4. Just guessing but if the photo was taken in Jul43 then I doubt very much that the aircraft were damaged in a strafing/rocket attack as Lemberg (Lvov) is located in Poland and as of mid 43 was beyond Western Allied or Soviet ability to attack in such a manner. I would guess the damage is as a result of heavy landings in both cases.
  5. For anyone that is interested a database (Access table) is available for download that lists Luftwaffe DKiG recipients. Kampfflieger and Jagdflieger are still to be added as well as aircrew function. http://www.luftwaffedata.co.uk/html/downloads.html
  6. Here are some of Kurt Hammel's claims Date; Name; Rank; Unit; Kill; Claim; Location; Time; Reference 30/08/41; Hammel, Kurt; Lt; 2./JG 77; Hudson; 1st; Lister; 15:00:00; OKL+JFV d.Dt.Lw. 5-15; 16/10/41; Hammel, Kurt; Lt; 2./JG 77; Beaufort; 2nd; 60km W. Egersund; 17:16:00; OKL+JFV d.Dt.Lw. 5-25 02/10/43; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 8./JG 27; Beaufort; 12th; PO: 10 m. (Ostk?ste Kreta); 17:20:00; Film C. 2031/II Anerk: Nr. - 18/10/43; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 8./JG 27; Beaufighter; 13th; S.W. Castelrosso: 30 m; 11:20:00; Film C. 2031/II Anerk: Nr. - 28/10/43; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 8./JG 27; Maryland; 14th; S. Insel Ch?lkis: 30 m. (W. Rhodes); 14:33:00; Film C. 2031/II Anerk: Nr. - 19/03/44; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 8./JG 27; B-24; 15th; zw. Marburg-Agram [Zagreb]: 6.000 m.; 14:15:00; Film C. 2025/I Anerk: Nr. 5 02/04/44; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 8./JG 27; B-24; 16th; N.W. Obdach: 6.000 m.; 10:42:00; Film C. 2027/I Anerk: Nr. 11 13/04/44; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 8./JG 27; B-24; 17th; 10 km. E.S.E. Raab [Gy?r]; -; III./JG 27 List f. 34 27/05/44; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 3./JG 77; P-47; 18th; 2372 at 4.000 m.; 06:45:00; Film C. 2027/II Anerk: Nr. 114 21/04/45; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 3./JG 77; La-5; 19th; -; -; JG 77 - Jochen Prien 02/05/45; Hammel, Kurt; Oblt; 3./JG 77; La-5; 20th; -; -; JG 77 - Jochen Prien I have no details of claims 3-11 which I assume were with 4./JG 5
  7. After a few enquiries I've been informed of the following concerning the fate of Heinemann. Obfw Erwin Heinemann 2.(F)/ObdL MIA 27Sep42 flying Ju 88D-1 (430285; T5+DK) Source: Gen.Qu.6.Abt.
  8. Much appreciated Fran?ois, thanks for sharing the docs with us. Best Regards Andy
  9. Heinemann received the DKiG 5/11/42 as an Obfw still with 2.(F)/ObdL, you would have to assume than if he was awarded the DKiG he must have already of received the Frontflugspange in Gold. However I don't know if the award of the DKiG was posthumous or whether he was still alive. Andy
  10. Thanks again Fran?ois, just what I was after. Just one last question - on what date was he promoted to Oblt. Regards Andy
  11. Hello Fran?ois, Thanks you for posting up the docs. Is it possible that you could post up career details for Hammel, I'm interested in what units he served with during 1943, in particular on what date he was posted to 8./JG 27. Can you confirm he was St.Kap. 8./JG 27 between 13/8/43-5/44. Regards Andy