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    Hi Dodyory, This is the order of the Ethiopian star, grand officer grade. If it is the medal alone cased, I would say between 250-300USD, if the document is included 350 USD. It is not a very rare medal, but then again not very common with the case and document. Sampo
  2. Sampo

    Korean War Medal Bars

    Dear Lenaerts Jannick, What a stunning Belgium group. Do you have any documents with them? And can you tell me the number on the back of the Chungmu? Is the Bronze star named? I would really like to know more about this medal group. Regards Sampo
  3. Sampo

    A Chainlet of 5 Minis

    Hi Nick, They are definitely French, the last one is the Ordre Ouvre Humanitaire, (for Humanitarian aid). I did see the others before but I cannot recall what they where called. Sampo Hi, I just found the middle one, it is the LA MEDAILLE DU TRAVAIL ET DE L'UNION DE LENS.
  4. Sampo

    Legion of Merit to Greek Officers

    Hi Jeff, There where at least 3 Greek officers who received a Legion of Merit, most likely for the Korean war. In the third picture, I think to recognize the legion of merit in the Greek commanders ribbon group. (second form the right at the bottom) Regards Sampo
  5. Hi, I am a collector of foreign medals and orders. As I stumbled over the Korean order of military merit, I got stuck with a question. I have seen medal groups from all of the 16 UN contributing countries having a grade of the order of military merit from th Republic of Korea in them, but the British ones. There is an Australian who has the Korean award, and there are some Canadians too. Where the Uk soldiers not allowed to accept them? But if they where...maybe not allowed to wear? I have never seen a UK group holding a Korean military merit, or even a group with a not mounted one next to them. I am pretty sure they could/must have earned some during the Korean war! Who can enlight this question for me? Cheers Cyril
  6. Sampo

    USA Ribbon Bars

    Hello Sal, I was just checking out older posts, and was wondering if you where able to identify this ribbon group? Cheers Sampo
  7. Hi Demir, Thank you so much for this information, what a great medal and group. I was in Istanbul a few years ago and checked out the group of Yashin Tazici, which was awesome too. On this forum I also have seen the medalgroup of Rustu Erdelhun, and it was in Istanbul. But when I was there it was not on display! Do you have any contacts to be able to ask for the star colour and numberst on the Ulchi? And maybe if thee are any other groups containing Korean military merit medals? The group of Erdelhun is here: Cheers Sampo
  8. Hi everyone, I am trying to do research to bronze star awards given to the foreign troops during the Korean war. Is there a list of recipients somewhere available. At this moment I am looking into the Greek recipients. Hope someone can help me. Kind regards Sampo
  9. Hello Demir, We talked to each other a few years ago in the Netherlands at a SRO meeting. I am researching Korean medals. This group, is it located in the museum in Ankara? Is it possible to ask them if they could give the number from the back of the Korean Ulchi medal, and is this star on the ribbon gold or silver? I asked the same questions with success in Istanbul military museum. Maybe they have more Korean war military merit medals in other medal groups? Kind regards Sampo
  10. Sampo

    Prins Dschero Khan - US special forces?

    Hi Everyone, Yes, he was in Korea, but arrived after the war had ended in 1953. So he is not entitled to wear a DUC nor a KUC, and he wears both of them. Sjors
  11. Hello, I am searching for pictures, names, groups that contain the Korean orders of military merit. Is there anybody out there who wants to share these information, and pictures? As a starter I will post one of mine! Cheers This is one of a Greek air force pilot. And one from a Dutch infantry officer:
  12. Hi Yannis, Thank you for your reply, and I am looking forward chatting about these medal groups! Have a safe trip and just let me know whenever you are ready. Cheers Sampo
  13. Hi Yannis, Sorry if I implied that I really owned these medal groups, that is not the case. I only am searching for pictures of these nice groups. Anyway I tried to find out how to remove the picture, but I was unsuccessful so far. I will have to ask the moderator. Is it possible to know the number and name of this beautiful group? Kind regards Sampo PS: I really want to state: I do not own the medal group, just the picture.
  14. Hello C54PLM, What an awesome medal. I am researching Korean medals given to foreign servicemen, and I was wondering what number does your fathers medal have on the back? Kind regards Sampo
  15. Sampo

    Unknown French war medal, any help?

    Hi Megan, Yes I am reffering to the last one in the row. I would like to know what it was given for and from which organisation it is, I have never seen one like this before, and as the Dutch are not very admissable granting the acceptance of foreign medals, I got curious about this one.
  16. Gentlemen, I found a French medal in a Dutch soldiers group. But I cannot find any information on this one. It is probably received for service during world war 2, but unknown to me. Does anyone can help me out? Sampo
  17. Hi Brett, Thank you for your comments, if any questions on Dutch medals, just let me know. And yes some are really well designed, on the last two pictures the medals are from Sweden(north star order, and sword order) Here is another one from the modern conflicts, enjoy!
  18. Sampo

    Kingdom of Portugal

    And here the matching star to the commander of Henry the Navigator commander...
  19. And some more groups...
  20. And one more Dutch army bar with service in Lebanon, former Yugoslavia and the Gulf war 1991.
  21. Hello, Time for some new medalsets: here they come..
  22. Sampo

    new member here- hello!

    Hi Tsand, Welcome to the forum, I think the fastest way to ID what you have is to post pictures of them here in this forum, usually there will be a solid answer within a day. Every member will be pleased to help, and so am I. Just share the pictures with us. Enjoy going trough your treasure! Regards Sampo
  23. Hi 922F, Very true, but it seems to be the same type of ribbon as the Belgium military cross, usually if the ribbon for mounting is not available, the nearest collor ribbon is used.
  24. Hi Guy, I think this is a Luxembourg order of merit, as this is a very common combination with the ECMM medal. The Luxembourg government awarded the Belgium and Dutch members filling places in the ECMM mission during the Luxembourg precidency of Europe(because Luxembourg did not have enough people) with this merit order. Regards Sampo
  25. Hello Guy, I think the first one is the Ethiopian order of the star, and the second one is the order of the Homayoon of Iran. This was most likely a military person who served at the royal house of Belgium. Sampo