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  1. new member here- hello!

    Hi Tsand, Welcome to the forum, I think the fastest way to ID what you have is to post pictures of them here in this forum, usually there will be a solid answer within a day. Every member will be pleased to help, and so am I. Just share the pictures with us. Enjoy going trough your treasure! Regards Sampo
  2. Hi 922F, Very true, but it seems to be the same type of ribbon as the Belgium military cross, usually if the ribbon for mounting is not available, the nearest collor ribbon is used.
  3. Hi Guy, I think this is a Luxembourg order of merit, as this is a very common combination with the ECMM medal. The Luxembourg government awarded the Belgium and Dutch members filling places in the ECMM mission during the Luxembourg precidency of Europe(because Luxembourg did not have enough people) with this merit order. Regards Sampo
  4. Hello Guy, I think the first one is the Ethiopian order of the star, and the second one is the order of the Homayoon of Iran. This was most likely a military person who served at the royal house of Belgium. Sampo
  5. Hello Guy, I think the bottom ribbon is from the European Comunity monitor mission, as is the ribbon just above it. They are both the same. The top one seems to be mounted for wear, the bottom one is the original as issued in the box. (the same as I got in 1997) Kind regards Sampo
  6. Greek dealers

    Hi Jan, Maybe this one has something for you, depending on what you are looking for: http://eshop.sillektiki.com/Index.php?Language=en Kind regards Sampo
  7. Hi Kris, Looks like a Hungarian 1918-1944 order of merit to me. The size and loop is not visible, but that will determine the grade. Kind regards Sampo
  8. Hi Kris, It is depending on if it is a military or civilian version, and the type of case(era). If I go by the most common ones: Civil: 400-700USD (Blue Case) Military: 500-900USD (Blue case) If in Orange case: Civil: 450-750USD Military: 600-1000USD These are prices for the most common ones, if can change if you have one made in Portugal or a gold one(14K) Regards Sampo
  9. Hello, I have found an strange medal case. Can anyone please translate the Japanese text, and identify for what medal it is for? Much appreciated! Sampo
  10. Thanks Guys, But I was wondering why is it written in Japanese as this is a Korean medal case? Sampo
  11. ROK Jacket (on eBay) - any thoughts?

    Hi Everyone, I will try to identify the ribbopn rack on this jacket: ROW1 European-African-Middle East campaign medal(USA) Army of occupation medal(USA) American defense medal(USA) ROW2 Taeguk order of military service (ROK) Eulji order of military service with silver star (ROK) Chungmu order of military service (pre 1951 issue)(ROK) ROW3 Wharang order of military service (pre 1951 issue)(ROK) Merit medal for defense (ROK) Wharang order of military service(pre 1951 issue)(ROK) ROW4 Merit medal for defense (ROK) Guerilla warfare service medal with munkunghwa leaf for second issue (ROK) Medal for sevee wounds with 3 munkunghwa leafs for multiple issue (ROK) ROW5 6.25 incident medal(Korean war medal)(ROK) Red cross medal(ROK) United Nations Korean war medal(UN) It seems a bit overdone for a NCO, and in my opinion it is nearly impossible. Sampo
  12. Hi, I am a collector of foreign medals and orders. As I stumbled over the Korean order of military merit, I got stuck with a question. I have seen medal groups from all of the 16 UN contributing countries having a grade of the order of military merit from th Republic of Korea in them, but the British ones. There is an Australian who has the Korean award, and there are some Canadians too. Where the Uk soldiers not allowed to accept them? But if they where...maybe not allowed to wear? I have never seen a UK group holding a Korean military merit, or even a group with a not mounted one next to them. I am pretty sure they could/must have earned some during the Korean war! Who can enlight this question for me? Cheers Cyril
  13. Hi Peter, I have checked out that list, but it is far from complete. I think the only foreign order allowed to wear cannot be the French Legion D'Honneur. I guess most foreign royal orders should be in there. I hope ther is someone ou there who can help me with the commonwealth accepting and wearing policy. I was not aware of this site at all, and it does come in handy for other questions, thanks Peter. Cheers
  14. Hi Paul, Yes, no problem here a picture of the ribbons of Major-General H. Robertson of the Australian army. Cheers Cyril PS: The Korean military merit 1st class is on the right in the bottom row.
  15. Unknown Chinese warlord medal

    Hello, Here 1926?? warlord medal. It is enamelled, not painted. And the bal is decently mounted, as is the ring. The ring is welded and therefore has no opening. Does anyone have an idea on this one? Were was it given for, and is it a common one? Best Sampo
  16. Unknown Chinese warlord medal

    Hi Nick, Thank you very much for your expertise, on the medal! I guess this one is dust bin material! Cheers Cyril
  17. Unknown Chinese warlord medal

    Hi Gents, Here the back side of the medal.
  18. Unknown Chinese warlord medal

    Hi Nick, I do was aware of the very Nice Chinese medals you have shown. The reason I had some doubts was a lot in an auction a while ago. Maybe this will add something to the story. Cheers Cyril
  19. Unknown Chinese warlord medal

    Hi Everyone, Just for comparison, here some pictures of the same medal, but painted and not enamelled. The knob is placed different too, there is no welded ring, and the rays of the star look different. Maybe this will help a bit. Cheers Sampo
  20. Hi Saxcob, Yes it is defenitly a Dutch cross for marching endurance. By the style and the ribbon colors I would say it should be a pre 1959 type cross. There is also a possibility of the same cross with a crown(for 2 times forfilled marching) or even a silver(5x), silver with crown(6x) or a gold(10x) or gold with crown(11x). The basic cros is pictured here: best Sampo
  21. Unknown Chinese warlord medal

    Hi Nick, Yes I see what you mean. I will post the reverse this evening. Why does it no look very promising? I have seen worse copies of this order, I can post a picture of them too, for comparison. Cheers Cyril
  22. Unknown Chinese (republic?) medal

    Hello, I recently encountered this Chinese medal. It is numbered and comes with a ribbon bar. Is there anyone who can identify this medal and what it is issued for? Regards Sampo
  23. Unknown Chinese (republic?) medal

    Hi Nick, Thanks for your swift reply, are they very common? Best Sampo
  24. Korean language help

    Thanks Hugh and Rogi, I have sent a PM to Rogi. Sampo
  25. Korean language help

    Hi Hugh, I have recently accuired a ROK award document, and my Korean is non exsisitng. I would like to have a full translation so I know what I have exactly. I see this topic is pretty old but I can give it a try! Regards sampo