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  1. Hello, friends! Bought this! What are your opinions? With respect!
  2. Привет! Если вы читали историю корабля, кажется, он не успеет заработать один из крепежей. С уважением
  3. Thank you! Does this mean that the USS Kerlew ID-1325 is not entitled to any clasp? With respect!
  4. Спасибо! А ссылку можно получить? С уважением!
  5. Hello! The Maritime Department found it necessary to list all participating ships whose crews were entitled to the bars, as well as the periods when each ship was entitled to receive a certain lath. This was determined by ND G.O. No. 528 of 25 April 1920. In this document, 1241 ships were listed, of which 105 ships were qualified by two slats, although only one lath can be issued to the crew. Who has the text of ND G.O. No. 528?
  6. Thank you Lambert! Is this the captain's medal?
  7. Спасибо, Билл!
  8. Good afternoon! Got such a medal! LIEUT. COMMANDER SOPHUS V. KALHAUGE, U.S.S. «KERLEW» 1918
  9. Аукцион закончился! 83$!!!
  10. Добрый день! Я только сегодня приобрел эту книгу!!! Можно получить дополнительные страницы? veligraf7@gmail.com С уважением!
  11. Hello! Diameter 35.6 mm, thickness 2.3 mm Yours faithfully!
  12. oliver860

    French Victory Medals

    Привет! Ваши мнения! С уважением
  13. Hello! Here is my Greek medal! diameter 36.8 thickness 2.8 mm
  14. Hello! I also bought a Greek medal! Goes by mail! Yours faithfully!
  15. oliver860

    British Victory Medals

    Привет B.M. DEPOT Что это?