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  1. Thank you Lambert! Is this the captain's medal?
  2. Спасибо, Билл!
  3. Good afternoon! Got such a medal! LIEUT. COMMANDER SOPHUS V. KALHAUGE, U.S.S. «KERLEW» 1918
  4. Аукцион закончился! 83$!!!
  5. Добрый день! Я только сегодня приобрел эту книгу!!! Можно получить дополнительные страницы? veligraf7@gmail.com С уважением!
  6. Hello! Diameter 35.6 mm, thickness 2.3 mm Yours faithfully!
  7. oliver860

    French Victory Medals

    Привет! Ваши мнения! С уважением
  8. Hello! Here is my Greek medal! diameter 36.8 thickness 2.8 mm
  9. Hello! I also bought a Greek medal! Goes by mail! Yours faithfully!
  10. oliver860

    British Victory Medals

    Привет B.M. DEPOT Что это?
  11. oliver860

    Romanian Victory Medals

    Hello! My study of the Romanian Medal of Victory Unofficial Type 3. Has a suspension device in the form of a thick wire or ring I separate 3 types according to the features of the obverse and reverse. The differences are very good Unofficial Type 4 - suspension device in the form of a cylinder. It is divided into 2 types.
  12. oliver860

    British Victory Medals

    Thank you! The seller can not make the best photos! I can not determine Type 1 or it is Type 2 Yours faithfully!
  13. oliver860

    British Victory Medals

    Thank you! And when did he receive the Victory Medal?
  14. oliver860

    British Victory Medals

    Hello! Before buying I want to know about # S4-091038 A.Cpl.R.Stockbridge, A.S.C. Perhaps it? Oliver
  15. oliver860

    British Victory Medals

    I'll ask for more good photos! Oliver