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  1. Hello paja and Bayern , thanks for replying to my query , the photo link and uniform information is much appreciated.
  2. Any photos of members of the Cook islands local defence force, which was set up in 1941 ?
  3. The smaller sized police for the cities and urban areas. I know the much larger gendarmerie had red collar patches and uniform braid.
  4. Any photos of Mongolian soldiers 1911-19 ?
  5. Is there a colour version of the black and white rank chart ?
  6. Any photos of the Yugoslav police 1930s or information of uniform colour ?
  7. Anyone know what colour the songkok hat of the Sarawak constabulary 1932-41 was ? It's either black like most of the various Malay police or a dark / navy blue.
  8. Anyone know what colour the uniform and collar patches were 1930s ?
  9. Hello, like you I have seen this mentioned a few times, just curious about the uniform and collar patch colours. Not really seen much information about them. Ken.
  10. Hello, anyone know what type of rank insignia was used by the Slovene police or Policijski Zbor 1943-45 ? Collar patch colour ? Or the uniform ccolour ?I think it was grey,not seen any colour photos of it. http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=215065 Ken.
  11. Hello, did the Albanian fascist militia battalions use the Italian or old royal army helmets? Any insignia on the helmets ? Ken.
  12. Hello gents, would anyone be able to translate the caption labels ( top and 3 right hand side rows ) of the following ? 1936-44 Mongolian rank insignia. '' target='_blank'>> if you click on the 2 diagonal arrows bottom right / "view in light box" , you will get a bigger photo and clearer text. Ken.
  13. Hello, does anyone know what the rank of the officer (diamond sleeve badge) on the front cover is ? Are there other photos of officers (with rank mentioned) in this book ? Ken.