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  1. Yes, my thoughs exactly. Also nice is the large amount of information which can be found online about him.
  2. Another great set to Александр Семёнович Писклов :-)
  3. Can you guys help me by telling to which period dagger this navy belt belongs? It is made of real metal thread. Thnx!
  4. I count 11 (including the horizontal one). No button.
  5. Just wondering; is this one possible? It isn't is the excel sheet.
  6. Hi all, I have a navy 'Bulat' dagger here dated 1989 and a army ZIK dagger without a year. Are these combinations even possible? Thanks!
  7. Yup, I was a bit disappointed myself to be honest. Not a bad price but in this condition to a full cavalier... I wish the buyer didn't pay me. I wouldn't have sold it if I knew the price would be this low. Especially since I have sold Glory 2nd's in worse condition with a less interesting story to non-full-cavaliers for over $700
  8. Thanks Christian! I will keep you posted about future developments ;-)
  9. No need to say to say sorry;-) I'm well aware that the value is affected by the serial number alteration ;-)
  10. Thanks Christian, Yes, it does sound like a plausible explanation. I have not checked the files yet. Do you think this kind of information is documented? Cheers! Matt
  11. I'm very sure it's authentic. Not only because the COA was made by 3 experts (and because I am not exactly a beginner either), but also because this order was bought in Russia 1993 by a trusted friend of mine. Now, the reason why the serial number was buffed out... One can only speculate. What I did notice is that the serial number was erased in a similar manor as some duplicate OPW's 1 and (other?) duplicate Glory's 1st class I have witnessed. But the engraving of the new serial number is a real mistery. The order was not purchased as part of a group so it was not done to deceive.