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    Early Tank History (before 1935); especially German Tank History.
  1. Price at 5K? A washing machine? Yes, I do have a members list.
  2. You are absolutely right Chris. Thats the reason why there are better "lists". ;o)
  3. Yes, but facing the fact: the Spieß should be known. There is only one reason why this Feldwebel is unknown: he was "überzählig". But a "überzählig" Spieß? Impossible. For me it turns out that we maybe should think about the case "the EK is phantasy named".
  4. Yes, because ... the Feldwebel was the "Spies" (mother of the Company)
  5. You are right Chris, but ..... still no proof for a Hammer in the Kampfwagen Abteilung.
  6. Well I have a lot of names but NO Hammer. Only an AC driver "Hammer" in the Freekorps Epp in 1919.
  7. Well .... the only proof could be the answer of the question "was there a Hammer in the Kampfwagen Abteilung?".
  8. Coming back on this namend EK 1: Can anybody proof that Fritz Hammer changed from "Armee Telegraphen Abteilung AOK 4" to "Kampfwagen Abteilung 1"?
  9. about Ziehm: the war time in WW1 counted double! about Larsen: he wasn't original Bavarian; just served a time in the Bavarian Tank Detachment. Originally he was from Hamburg (when I remember right).