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  1. I intended to post (but seemed to have omitted this in error) that they could be of interest to others; and I have a problem with reducing images in size sometimes. Thank you.
  2. Thank you. For some unknown reason we used to think that Grandad's number was 123. I do have the two pages of his service sheets, yes, thank you, but would be grateful if you could add them here, please. I also posted here about Grandad: http://gmic.co.uk/in...ls/page__st__20
  3. Thank you; perfect. Your location is where I was born (Kent).
  4. You're welcome. However yours will be a card, I believe, not a telegram? Joy
  5. Thank you. Yes, I do treasure that photo. Here is a copy of the Queen's telegram, the original of which was buried with Grandad. He retired 13 years before I was born :)
  6. Thank you. As I said that Grandad was one of a rare breed of coppers that lived to be 100, here is the proof: a newspaper report and a photograph that I took on his 100th birthday; yes, he was in hospital but one can see in the photo that his eyes were still alert.
  7. Attached is my Grandad's retirement certificate. Unfortunately the documentation sent to me from the National Archives gave me no new information about him; I had hoped to see, for example, dates of his transfers between stations. I know more about him than they do :)
  8. Here is Grandad in police uniform. He was one of a rare breed of coppers; he lived to be 100! PS I'll see if I can change the name in my profile rather than changing the driver's licence and passport :)
  9. Thank you. It is currently in my brother's possession and I really hope that it will be passed down and treasured. I shall find photos and post them tomorrow, one of which will be Grandad in uniform in Penge High Street. PS I don't know why I didn't put a space in my name!
  10. This is the King George V Coronation Police Medal that belonged to my Grandad Benjamin Newton.http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_08_2012/post-14396-0-09767900-1346161096.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_08_2012/post-14396-0-63222500-1346161115.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_08_2012/post-14396-0-49012300-1346161130.jpg