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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hello gentleman, I wish to sell a group of original orders, badges, crosses and medals. Certificates of authenticity to some of them available. I can also exchange them on gold ( 14K - 585 ) or car eventually. I'm not sending abroad and PREFER to sell to hand. Don't want to send it. It's better to make a deal hand to hand in my opinion. I'm living in UK. The price is available on PRIV. Warning!!! I put prices only because the system doesn't want to accept from '0'. The price is stil negotiable. Simon's Silva Rerum


  2. Great knowledge! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!
  3. To all Gentleman's, I wish to ask for proper name in English and German of the third cross on picture below after Iron Cross. Best regards Simon ( SG Silva Rerum on You Tube )
  4. Dear gentleman's, Can I ask you for all the medals and orders visible on this picture. I need to know all names in English. Thank you very much Simon ( SG Silva Rerum on You Tube )
  5. It looks genuine but no swastika. The owner says it was founded in Poland. IT can't be west german after the denzified. Or version after 1957. It looks like from the war period.
  6. Thank you so much. Internet is a bless for collectors. It's so nice to have help with such nice people like on this forum. This badge I know from about 1994 when I saw it on market in Gdańsk, city in Poland. German Danzig. And I buy it from this collector in 2010! Amazing. Isn't it? I love this badge so much and when I recognize that this guy still got it I buy it. It looks really good. Internet is great tool. Warmest regards Simon
  7. You make me upset with this one. It looks very convincing. Sharp details. Not good... But thank you so much.
  8. Dear Laurentis, I'm so happy to speak with so many nice, kind and wellknowing people. I appreciate a lot. Thank you a lot! I'm making channel on YouTube about history and phaleristic. SG SILVA RERUM Thank you a lot, my dear expert friend! HAve a lovely day! SG
  9. It's very easy to judge like this. Why do you think it's a fake? Do you have literature about it?
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