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  1. Simon's Silva Rerum


    Thank you so much. Internet is a bless for collectors. It's so nice to have help with such nice people like on this forum. This badge I know from about 1994 when I saw it on market in Gdańsk, city in Poland. German Danzig. And I buy it from this collector in 2010! Amazing. Isn't it? I love this badge so much and when I recognize that this guy still got it I buy it. It looks really good. Internet is great tool. Warmest regards Simon
  2. Simon's Silva Rerum


    You make me upset with this one. It looks very convincing. Sharp details. Not good... But thank you so much.
  3. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Schinkel I class 1939

    Dear Laurentis, I'm so happy to speak with so many nice, kind and wellknowing people. I appreciate a lot. Thank you a lot! I'm making channel on YouTube about history and phaleristic. SG SILVA RERUM Thank you a lot, my dear expert friend! HAve a lovely day! SG
  4. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Schinkel I class 1939

    Hi guys! What do you think about this one?
  5. Simon's Silva Rerum


    It's very easy to judge like this. Why do you think it's a fake? Do you have literature about it?
  6. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Wiedercholungsspange fuer I klasse EK

    Thank you for opinion and attention. I'm also not sure.
  7. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Wound Badge, maker number 127

    That's why I maked photo of catch. It is an original. Thank you for professional opinion.
  8. Hello everybody, I wish to present nice badge from the war. Can you recognize the maker? Best regards Simon
  9. Hi Folks! Is it genuine? What do you think? Maker number is L/12 Best regards Simon
  10. Hi Folks! What do you think about this Wound Badge? It's Gold Class and rare maker.
  11. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Part of my collection

    What do you think about my FLL Badge? It is exactly like experts book saying.
  12. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Part of my collection

    It's true. You are right. Very wise words. I say exactly the same. Socrates said one day: 'I know I don't know nothing'. It's important to be humble and dig the knowledge all life. You are very kind. Thank you so much. Simon
  13. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Part of my collection

    Thank you very much. I appreciate strongly such great and kind comment. I see I speak with an expert. Very good! I bought it from eMedals. I have also the certificate from them. So I believe it's from the war. But the fact is I have also a book of Stephan Previtera German Luftwaffe Badges. volume 2. And there are lot's of high quality pictures of many badges and valuable info's. Interesting is Previtera say that S&L wasn't in his opinion a maker of Paratrooper Badge. So that was strange for me. But eMedals is a very good supplier from other side. https://www.emedals.com/a-luftwaffe-paratrooper-badge-by-steinhauer-luck
  14. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Part of my collection

    That's interesting. Can you give me some info about that? Thank you.
  15. Simon's Silva Rerum

    Part of my collection

    That's the one.