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  1. Strassenbahn (trams) Wien. Male and female uniforms. Cheers, Larry Oberstabsarzt with DRK nurse.
  2. Hi Morten, Thanks for the nice words. Cheers, Larry
  3. From the book: Heavy cruisers of the Admieal Hipper Class by Gewrhard Koop and Klaus-Peter Schmolke Shipboard Aircraft The ships were designed originally to carry three floatplanes of the standard naval type, the Arado Ar 196. The crew consisted of a Luftwaffe pilot and a naval officer as navigator/gunner. The latter, though seconded to the Seeluftwaffe, wore naval uniform and took part in routine shipboard watchkeeping and battle duties. Maintenance of the aircraft was performed by Luftwaffe personnel Source: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=931140 Cheers, Larry
  4. Hi Morten, Another nice addition to your impressive collection. Cheers, Larry
  5. Nice photo Morton, thanks for sharing it here.😀 Cheers, Larry
  6. Was Marine Küstenpolizei insignia the same? Cheers, Larry
  7. Another photo for your impressive collection.🙂 Cheers, Larry
  8. Thank you Morten, much appreciated.🙂 Cheers, Larry
  9. Very nice insignia. Thanks for showing us. Cheers, Larry
  10. Marineergänzungsabteilung 1 or 2 portrait. Cheers, Larry
  11. Hi Morten, Nice cap tally photo. 🙂 Cheers, Larry
  12. Hi Paul, I have several Strassenbahn photos in my collection and all show different variations of uniforms. I don't know whether there was any standardization of uniforms or whether each district/city used their own version. The trams conductor in my photo wears the Wien Strassenbahn emblem on his cap. The person in the original post wears a similar type of badge. He wears all his gear for the photo including a lamp with white and possibly red lenses. In his left hand he holds a whistle. My best guess is that he is some kind of guard. Which organization he was part of is unknown to me. Cheers, Larry