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  1. Great photo Morten. Can someone please explain why the Flugmelder (Aircraft Warning/Spotter) patch is often seen on the lower sleeve. I thought it was a "Career" patch and would be placed above the rank chevron. Cheers, Larry Great and uncommon photo of the musician patch for the summer uniform. Cheers, Larry
  2. Screen print from "Multiuniform" thread which is also relevant here. Cheers, Larry
  3. Hi Odulf, Amazing photos of Flugbetriebsschnellboot Fl.F203. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Larry
  4. LW driver stands in front of his Phanomen Granit 27 ambulance. Cheers, Larry
  5. Another photo from my collection. http://www.luftwaffe-zur-see.de/Kdo.Schiff/DatenFlB/FlD-109.htm Cheers, Larry
  6. Strassenbahn (trams) Wien. Male and female uniforms. Cheers, Larry Oberstabsarzt with DRK nurse.
  7. From the book: Heavy cruisers of the Admieal Hipper Class by Gewrhard Koop and Klaus-Peter Schmolke Shipboard Aircraft The ships were designed originally to carry three floatplanes of the standard naval type, the Arado Ar 196. The crew consisted of a Luftwaffe pilot and a naval officer as navigator/gunner. The latter, though seconded to the Seeluftwaffe, wore naval uniform and took part in routine shipboard watchkeeping and battle duties. Maintenance of the aircraft was performed by Luftwaffe personnel Source: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=931140 Cheers, Larry
  8. Hi Morten, Another nice addition to your impressive collection. Cheers, Larry
  9. Nice photo Morton, thanks for sharing it here.😀 Cheers, Larry
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