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  1. Hi Morten, I do not have Eduardo's book. Cheers, Larry
  2. Hi Morten, Thanks for showing the other page. This confirms that Heer units used the patch but did KM units use it as well. According to Angolia's other book they did. Cheers, Larry
  3. Hi Morten, Thanks for the scan of your book. It has some very good information in it. I see both Heer and KM used the "FP" insignia. There is no mention of the "W' (Walloberfeldwebel) insignia in your book. Here is another chart showing Heer specialty patches. The Walloberfeldwebel is included. According to Angolia this insignia was worn by both branches of the Wehrmacht. Cheers, Larry
  4. Hi, There is a section in Angolia's Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms and Traditions vol.2 regarding sleeve insignia worn by KM Navy Fortress Engineers (see scan). My question is: Was this the exact same insignia worn by Heer Fortress Engineers? If I remember correctly the Heer patches were machine-embroidered golden artificial silk on a bluish dark green cloth as well. I have included a scan of a patch as well. Is it the Heer or KM version. Cheers, Larry
  5. That is an extremely impressive collection. Cheers, Larry
  6. Another great photo, thanks for posting. Cheers, Larry
  7. Here is another photo from my collection. Two wear Flak Artillerie insignia. The middle person wears the sperrwaffenmechaniker (Blocking Weapons Mechanic) while the person at right wears the Sperrmann (Mine Foreman) patch under his Flak Artillerie patch. Photo dated 3-11-1944. Cheers, Larry
  8. Thank you for showing your very nice Fla-E-Messer (AA guns range finder) patch in wear photo. Very hard to find in a photo. Here are two examples from my collection. One for the blue uniform and the other for the summer uniform. Cheers, Larry
  9. Another. Cheers, Larry
  10. Very nice photo Martin and great framed display Morten. Cheers, Larry
  11. Thanks GreyC. Very nice photo Morten. I have been looking for a MKP photo for a long time. Very happy to have one in my collection. Good to see samples from others collections as well. Cheers, Larry
  12. Hi, Just arrived in the mail. Lots of details. Older officer at left is a Kapitan zur See? Both men wear a KVK ribbon and the officer at left looks to be a WW1 veteran. Cheers, Larry
  13. Great photos Nesredep and Martin. This thread just gets better day by day. Cheers, Larry
  14. Verwaltungsmaat (Administration) insignia. Cheers, Larry