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  1. Just picked up this nice Torpedo Mechanic patch in wear portrait. Cheers, Larry
  2. Thank you very much Morten. Not specialist insignia but insignia worn by WM sport teams. Anchors on shorts: the two at left were worn by enlisted men and NCO's, the one second from right with a border was worn by officers. Cheers, Larry
  3. Very nice photo. I really like photos showing the "Stab" flag patch. Here is a rare photo from my collection showing a least two men wearing the "V" Administrative patch. Cheers, Larry
  4. Thanks Morten. Hope you vacation was enjoyable. Here is a photo of a Obermaat wearing Bootsmann career patch. Cheers, Larry
  5. thank you Morten. Here is a Musik Matrose (Musician) badge in wear. Cheers, Larry
  6. Hi, Here is a portrait that has me a little stumped. He wears a uniform which has anchor buttons, the cap has an anchor with what looks like a flag over the top of it. He wears a fouled anchor lapel pin together with an unidentified oval badge. What is really odd is the WH Funkmeister career badge on his lower left arm. German Merchant Navy or perhaps a civilian company employee? All comments are welcome. Cheers, Larry
  7. Pre-1939 Coastal Artillery Oberfeldwebel with with "O" (Ostsee) cypher on his shoulder board. Cheers, Larry
  8. Nice photo GreyC showing just how small the island is and its naval yard. Hi Odulf, Nice late war entries for service on Heligoland. Cheers, Larry
  9. Thank you very much for the translation. This is the second portrait KM photo in my collection that mentions the island of Heligoland. I will definitely try to find out more information about him. Cheers, Larry
  10. Congratulations on the latest addition to your TR collection. That is a very nice cap. I will add another portrait to this thread. It shows a KM Administration Oberinspektor. His rank is Kapitanleutnant and he wears Elevated Career tabs on his lower sleeves. His awards include the Kriegsverdienst Kreuz in Bronze with Swords, a WW1 EK 2. a Hindenberg Kreuz with swords in light bronze. The other two medals I am not familiar with. I have included a scan of the writing on the back. I would be most grateful if someone could try to translate it for me. Cheers, Larry
  11. Odulf is correct. There are many photos of Heer crusher-type caps with silk wreaths in existance but not often seen in KM photos. Stuka f, thanks for showing that nice example of a Heer cap with silk wreath. Is it part of your collection? One more photo showing WH crusher in wear. Cheers, Larry
  12. BeVo wreaths were used throughout the war, especially crusher caps which could be folded up and put in a pocket. You see a lot of them applied to panzer berets. The Tellerform shape was phased out in 1935 but continued to be worn after that time. Here are two photos showing typical Tellerform and crusher style caps being worn. Cheers, Larry
  13. Thanks very much guys. As Odulf says, the wreath and cockade are woven in artificial silk in the BeVo style. The cap is the Tellerform type which changed in 1935 to the saddle type. Cheers, Larry
  14. It's been some years since the last post in this thread, so I am adding something new to it. Cheers, Larry
  15. Hi, There is a section in Angolia's Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms and Traditions vol.2 regarding sleeve insignia worn by KM Navy Fortress Engineers (see scan). My question is: Was this the exact same insignia worn by Heer Fortress Engineers? If I remember correctly the Heer patches were machine-embroidered golden artificial silk on a bluish dark green cloth as well. I have included a scan of a patch as well. Is it the Heer or KM version. Cheers, Larry
  16. Hi Morten, I do not have Eduardo's book. Cheers, Larry
  17. Hi Morten, Thanks for showing the other page. This confirms that Heer units used the patch but did KM units use it as well. According to Angolia's other book they did. Cheers, Larry
  18. Hi Morten, Thanks for the scan of your book. It has some very good information in it. I see both Heer and KM used the "FP" insignia. There is no mention of the "W' (Walloberfeldwebel) insignia in your book. Here is another chart showing Heer specialty patches. The Walloberfeldwebel is included. According to Angolia this insignia was worn by both branches of the Wehrmacht. Cheers, Larry
  19. That is an extremely impressive collection. Cheers, Larry
  20. Another great photo, thanks for posting. Cheers, Larry
  21. Here is another photo from my collection. Two wear Flak Artillerie insignia. The middle person wears the sperrwaffenmechaniker (Blocking Weapons Mechanic) while the person at right wears the Sperrmann (Mine Foreman) patch under his Flak Artillerie patch. Photo dated 3-11-1944. Cheers, Larry
  22. Thank you for showing your very nice Fla-E-Messer (AA guns range finder) patch in wear photo. Very hard to find in a photo. Here are two examples from my collection. One for the blue uniform and the other for the summer uniform. Cheers, Larry
  23. Bringing History to life...

    Another. Cheers, Larry
  24. Hi, Just arrived in the mail. Lots of details. Older officer at left is a Kapitan zur See? Both men wear a KVK ribbon and the officer at left looks to be a WW1 veteran. Cheers, Larry
  25. Very nice photo Martin and great framed display Morten. Cheers, Larry