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  1. Hi Jock, Nice grouping. Can you tell us more about his service? Cheers, Larry
  2. Heer Chaplain presiding over a burial somewhere in Russia. From an Inf. Rgt.19 album. Cheers, Larry
  3. Please post your Wehrmacht Chaplain photos. They can be from any branch of the Wehrmacht. I will start with this Wehrmachtkriegspfarrer ( military Chaplain) portrait. Cheers, Larry
  4. Yes, definitely looks like a 7 to me. Cheers, Larry
  5. I turned your photo around and I'm pretty sure that your FP number is 43987 FP 43987 28.2.1941 - 29.7.1941 Hafenschutz-Flottille Nordholland 8.9.1942 - 11.3.1943 Hafenschutz-Flottille IJmuiden See: Cheers, Larry Closer view. You can just make out the 7.
  6. Very nice photo showing a KM Chaplain. Do you know where the photo was taken. Seems some family were present, widow perhaps? Here is an in the field photo showing a Chaplain performing what I think is Holy Communion. Cheers, Larry
  7. Thank you Bayern for your informative reply. If the crown is a royal symbol I wonder who was being buried. A Heer officer pays his respects to fallen comrades. A Chaplain can be seen standing far right of photo. Cheers, Larry
  8. Possibly someone from the aristocracy being buried. Here is a Heer Chaplain presiding over a Luftwaffe funeral. I believe Goring forbade chaplains in Luftwaffe ranks.
  9. Very nice Morten, thanks for contributing to this thread. Heer Chaplain. Note the white coffin. Cheers, Larry
  10. Hi, I recently managed to purchase two photos showing a Chaplain presiding over a KM funeral. There is no writing on the back of the photos. There are a lot of sombre faces in the photos. Here is the first one. Cheers, Larry Second photo. Closer view of Chaplain.
  11. Very nice funeral photos showing KM Chaplain. Would it be better to start a new thread on Chaplain photos from all branches of the Wehrmacht? I have a few I could contribute. Cheers, Larry
  12. Hi Morten, I could make a KM Chaplain thread but I only have these two photos. Does somebody have any more to post? I do have a few Heer Chaplain photos in my collection. According to Angola & Schlicht's "Die Kriegsmarine - Uniforms & Traditions Vol. 2" the collar patches in my photos are of the M1942 pattern. Odulf is correct in stating the Chaplain is of the Protestant/Evangelical faith as there is no Stola worn and no "Christ" on his cross. See scans from the book. Cheers, Larry And
  13. Thanks Odulf and GreyC for your comments. The men are wearing "Kriegsmarine" cap tallies and most wear Minensucherabzeichen. At least two are wearing EK 2 ribbons. I was thinking the location could be somewhere in Norway? Some close-ups showing more details. Cheers, Larry
  14. Just picked up this nice Torpedo Mechanic patch in wear portrait. Cheers, Larry
  15. Abzeichen from top to bottom: Bootsman-Matrose, Gefreiter rank chevron, Geschutzfuhrer - Flakartillerie, Leicht Flakartillerie. Cheers, Larry
  16. Very nice photo Odulf, thanks for posting it here. Here is a Press Photo (dated 5-6-39) showing Grossadmiral Raeder awarding a Wound Medal to a crew member of Panzerschiff Deutschland. Note the wearing of a Geschutzfuhrer T (Turmgeschutz) specialty patch. This patch was discontinued in 1940. Cheers, Larry Back of photo.
  17. Nice photo,Odulf. I have also not seen this badge in wear in a photo. Here is an Officer Candidate with Machinist career patch in wear. Cheers, Larry
  18. A recent purchase. Cheers, Larry
  19. Thank you for your kind words. Cheers, Larry