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  1. Hello Bernhard, that's the man! His bio fit's.Thank you!
  2. Do you read as well "von Tippelskirch"? http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/T/TippelskirchKv.htm
  3. Yes, I saw his signature online on different documents and noted they are different. So maybe it's not him... Thank you.
  4. ColinRF, maybe this article about CARL SZOKOLL might be interesting for you. I got his post war Austrian passport recently into my collection. The 2nd of a July 20 plot member! http://www.passport-collector.com/passport-carl-szokoll-stauffenberg-valkyrie-20-july-plot/
  5. Hallo, ich habe meine Kaiserreichsammlung fast komplett und suche insbesondere noch folgende Reisepässe Oldenburg Sachsen-Altenburg Lippe Reuss (Jüngere Linie) Schaumburg-Lippe Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Waldeck-Pyrmont Für die o.g. Reisepässe zahle ich TOP-PREISE! Andere Reisepässe bitte gerne anbieten. passportcollector@gmail.com
  6. CANADIAN RAILWAY TROOPERS - Discharge Book 1902 / Military Book 1918 FOR SALE are these two books. I'm not a military collector but a passport collector! Interesting is the entry in the Seamen Discharge book " TATTOO or other Distinguishing Marks" ! The book is from 1902 and mention TATTOO which I find remarkable. Frederick Stanley Dyke, born 1881 in Croydon was later Captain at the Canadian Railway Troops in 1918 (before Lieutenant in 1916) according his Military book. The book includes a personal handwritten evaluation of his commanding officer. See pictures. I posted wrongly in the old category! http://gmic.co.uk/topic/67246-canadian-railway-troopers-discharge-book-1902-military-book-1918/#comment-628470 Just contact me if interested - passportcollector@gmail.com
  7. Aircraft carrier / Flugzeugträger GRAF ZEPPELIN I do own a technical binder from the "High Command of the Navy" about the ONLY German Aircraft Carrier ever - "GRAF ZEPPELIN" The binder has 65 pages, partly with large folded pages. Main topic are the weight of ammunition, weapons, air crafts etc. Documents are dated 1938-1943, when the aircraft carrier was finished by 85%. By my best knowledge and research there was NEVER EVER such original documents on the collectors market. A TRUE TREASURE! Acquired from a long-time German naval collector. The binder cover has some water (?) spots as you can see while it’s content is well preserved and everything is well readable. I'm a long time collector and guarantee for the authenticity! Some pictures attached. If you are interested please contact me.
  8. Jack are you saying the passport is somewhere online? Tom
  9. Bob keep them safe as they very hard to find! Thanks for sharing. Regards, Tom
  10. Bob they are pretty rare passports! Congratulations! Do you have passports for swap/sale? Best Tom
  11. Brian do you have his documents? Can you provide pictures of his passport(s)? Best regards Tom Topol Expert In Passports And Their History, Passport Collector & Editor www.passport-collector.com, passportcollector@gmail.com The ONLY website for historical travel documents News & Collectibles direct into your email box? Click here! Member of Ephemera Society of America & Ephemera Society of United Kingdom
  12. Hi Bill interesting post. Can you tell more about this seller? Name? Email? Thank you Best regards Tom Topol Expert In Passports And Their History, Passport Collector & Editor www.passport-collector.com, passportcollector@gmail.com The ONLY website for historical travel documents News & Collectibles direct into your email box? Click here! Member of Ephemera Society of America & Ephemera Society of United Kingdom
  13. WOW, impressive Canaris business card. Cool!
  14. Haha, I challenged them a few times but of course they never ever sell someting... Tom
  15. Thanks, Colin. Indeed one of my treasures in my passport collection. By the way I have excellent connections to the Archive of the German Foreign Office in Berlin and visited them frequently. I can tell you I had several times awesome documents in my own hands. I plan a next visit there in May. So if you are looking for something specific - let me know! Best regards from Thailand to Canada, Tom
  16. Hi Colin, a awesome collection field and for me as German passport collector also highly interesting one too. I like to add the following original early passport of Ernst Munzinger. He was personally involved in the July 20 plot even his function wasn't clear untill today. See http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Munzinger_%28Offizier%29 (sorry German only). I hope you do enjoy... Best regards, Tom

  18. Hi Chris, thanks for your comments. I am not often here - just saw your post now. Well, I bought the Ministerialpass of Grawitz from a young guy in Berlin in 2012. According the seller the document was in possession of his grandmother. However they are not relatives of Grawitz. In meantime his passport is not longer in my collection.
  19. As Reichsphysician SS and Police (SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Waffen-SS) he was jointly responsible for the mass killings of handicapped persons and medical experiments on prisoners (later called "Aktion T4"). He advised Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler on the use of gas chambers. Hitler himself put him 1937 in charge of the German Red Cross. He killed mentally ill person(s) by himself. Grawitz was born in Charlottenburg, in the western part of Berlin, Germany. His wife, Ilse, was the daughter of SS-Obergruppenführer and General der Waffen-SS Siegfried Taubert.Towards the end of World War II in Europe, Grawitz was a physician in Adolf Hitler's Führerbunker. When he heard that other officials were leaving Berlin in order to escape from advancing Soviet armies, Grawitz petitioned Hitler to allow him to leave; his request was refused. He killed himself, his wife and his children by a granade in the last days of war in 1945 before he could get captured by the Soviets. The event was depicted in the 2004 historical film Der Untergang (Downfall). If Grawitz did not executed murder-suicide he would surely have been accused at the Nuremberg Trials for: 1. Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the ccomplishment of a crime against peace 2. Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace 3. War crimes 4. Crimes against humanity PENALTY: DEATH SENTENCE (MOST POSSIBLE)! The Departmental Passport (Ministerialpass) Of Ernst-Robert Grawitz, Reichsphysician SS and Police His Ministerialpass was issued 1938 in Berlin in his function as PRESIDENT OF THE GERMAN RED CROSS. Hitler himself put him 1937 in charge of this position. A Ministerialpass is a special and rare version of a passport, given to high ranking officials only and was issued by German Foreign Office in Berlin. Several visas are stamped: UK, Switzerland, Romania and Hungary. The document is in very good condition and was once issued in Berlin, Jan 22 1938. The document has the low number 105. This document was offered to me as I am a well recognized passport collector for years and in all these years I only saw a couple of these type but this is the very first time to have a document on my desk from such a high ranking SS-OFFICER and MASS MURDER! I met the seller (a young guy) in person in Berlin. He told me this passport was found in the property of his grandmother during the cleaning of the household and the move to another house. His grandmother is not a relative of Grawitz. Why she had his passport is unknown. The story is reasonable and the passport is 100% genuine. I did verify the document by my solid experience and could also compare the document with other passports I have in my collection. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2012/post-14501-0-23868600-1349317762.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_10_2012/post-14501-0-69834400-1349317765.jpg
  20. As passport collector you get also somtimes such most rare documents...As I do not collect these items I can offer it for interested collectors. By my knowledge such documents are hard to find and very rarely offered. If sombody has other informations I am happy to hear them. Sovereign Order of Staint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, commander with diamonds, document for Graf Eckbrecht von Dürckheim-Montmartin. Colored form, issued New York, 10.3.1987, attached seal, OU with document to the chivalry order of the holly cross of Jerusalem, Grandcross, colored form, issued 3.10.1987, sealed, OU. Graf Eckbrecht von Dürckheim-Montmartin was german diplomat, psychotherapist and Zen-master with a often changing life. CV included.
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    That's a nice one. Thanks for sharing. By the way at www.pasport-collector.com you will find several passport guidlines incl. pictures. +Below my oldest passport, from 1753. This is an identity certificate, to be used to "pass the poort (gate)" and the inhabitant was called a "poorter" (ancient Dutch for a registered citizen) of the city of Amsterdam.+