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  1. This is actually Distinguished Service Decoration of the Estonian Defence Forces. All EDF awarsda are shown here http://www.mil.ee/et/kaitsevagi/kaitsevae-symboolika/kaitsevae-teenetemargid Estonian Military Awards & Decorations, 1918 - 1940 http://www.estmedals.com/ Some unofficial stuff. This is UKR Unin of Estonian Cossacs medal.
  2. Hi! I think that they are not Estonians.
  3. AndresT

    Estonian anyone?

    I can try! Name: Juulmann Carl Where he travelling: Germany Why: On the service Duration: 1 year And there are also date, where he is born, his profession: buisenessman, his religion: lutherian, he is single...
  4. Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-01573,_Marokko,_Französisches_Bombenflugzeug. French Star + Swastika.
  5. Modern latvian Army. National Guard 22nd Infantry Battalion National Guard 51st Infantry Battalion
  6. Kuperjanov partisan battalion 1919. Note skull on helmet. It's similar to some Freikorps skull helmets.
  7. Thanks! I hope too! Swastika is so old symbol that we must rehabilitate his good name. I know it sounds unbelievable but how long we must demonize it because one bad regime have used it too in very short period? Finnish Freedom Cross https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Cross_of_Liberty Finnish WWII veterans support ring from 2007. A Finnish charity is selling silver rings emblazoned with a swastika to raise money for World War II veterans. Read more http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/nazi-or-nice-finns-snap-up-swastika-rings-for-christmas-a-523784.html Finland's Victory Parade with swastika 1918 Latvian Order of Lāčplēsis (Bear Killer - Latvian national epic poem hero) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_L%C4%81%C4%8Dpl%C4%93sis Estonian Scout merit cross Svastika
  8. Hi! Swastika is a ancient symbol whose reputation was ruined by Nazis. It was used in many Armies around the world. It was also symbol of the luck. Latvia and Finland have used this symbol a lot. It was their aviation symbol too. Some examples from Latvia: Different army units. Mostly greated 1919-1921 More here http://uniformologija.lv/izvelne/vecas-latvijas-armijas-krusu-nozimes/ From Finland: Modern Flag of Training Air Wing, Finnish Air Force 1918-1915 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Training_Air_Wing,_Finnish_Air_Force
  9. Symbols of Freikorps in Latvia: http://uniformologija.lv/raksts/brivkorpusu-simbolika/
  10. Bulak - Balachowicz skull badge, 1920 Latvian Latgale Partisan Battalion Est. 1919 Bulgarian Army also was used the Totenkopf in Tank Brigades.
  11. These are Estonian Kuperjanov (Partisan) Battalion items. 1918 - present days. Officer & soldiers during Estonian War of Independence 1918-1920 Soldier hat skull & Officer skull Sport pin Flag