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  1. I believe that you can aquire a copy from the University of Alberta Press http://www.uap.ualberta.ca/UAP.asp?LID=41&bookID=677 cost is around £35 but IMHO well worth it Incidentally for anyone who would like to find out more about us - we have an informal gathering on the first friday of every month in the bar of the Union Jack Club in London - you would be more than welcome to come up and talk to us there
  2. The Canadian command of the Legion is in the process of reprinting the Manual and is i believe now in a position to distribute copies to interested parties. In response to some comments on the content of the manual you should compare it directly with a similar publication that came out a very few years after - Scouting for Boys has articles on reporting enemy troop movements and even how to dispatch enemy sentries!! Baden Powell was in close contact with Pocock at the start of the Boy Scout movement which is i believe the reason for the identical headwear (the 'Lrmon Squeezer'} = at one point it was mooted that the frontiersmen would constitute the Adult leadership for the boys with an eventual progression for them to enter the legion as they came of age. The Legion UK Command has recently been accepted as constituant elements to both the City of London 'Op Griffin' the emergency response for terrorist attacks in central london post terrorist bombings as well as forming an important part of the Bristol and Avon Resilience Planning to rescue and care for horses stranded during serious flooding etc We are working hard to loose the image that has grown around the legion in the last few decades by what has to be seen as a very few individuals who have been pilloried by an even fewer vociferous malcontents