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  1. May I get the name of that guy on the pic, please?
  2. Hi all! What I can add is that this order is the eldest order in Bulgaria, established by the first Bulgarian constitution from 1879 (Tirnovo constitution) and was created by the first prince Alexander von Battenberg on January 1st, 1880. It`s official day is on April 17th and from 1891 on May 6th. Up to 1909 was the senior Bulgarian order, replaced by the St.St. Cyril and Methodius order. The first grade was awarded only 5 times. Extremely rare is the 3rd grade, but as Bulgarian armies fought against the Nazi armies between September 1944 and May 1945, there were a dozen of them awarded. after December 1946 the crown was replaced with a wreath (the republican version). There is an uncomplete list in the Royal papers in the Central state archive in Sofia, that is not published.
  3. As far as I know and considering Bulgaria, Theodor is right that the stars are partisan badges and were not used in the army. The army used the Lion rampant, but in many cases without the crown as was the case with the Polish eagle. In some cases however the crown was preserved and it depended on the commanding officers of the military units and how they feel towards the Fatherland Front. After the proclamation of the Republic all the crowns were removed. Same happened to Bulgarian orders and medals.
  4. Stormbringer

    Medal of ''donanma iane'' 1912

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. And what is this medal about the Hamidiye that you mentioned? Never heard of it.
  5. Stormbringer

    Medal of ''donanma iane'' 1912

    Sorry to ask, but as you put the year 1912 in the title of this thread, Is this medal established during the Balkan war? Is this the famous cruiser Hamiddiye on the medal? And would you help me to read something more about the medal in English? After all we are commemorating 100 years of the war this year, neighbour...
  6. Stormbringer

    Austrian Balkan Wars 1912-13 cross

    Well, Austria-Hungary had a territorial acquisition during the Balkan wars. The Dual Monarchy occupied the famous island of Ada Kaleh on the Danube in mid- May 1913 and incorporated it into the Hungarian Kingdom, the Transleitania, despite the protests of the Ottomans. :blush:
  7. Stormbringer

    Foreign Legion Sahara... I am excited.....

    There were may be 3 or 4 such posts in Bulgaria, which had a sufficient French occupying forces under General Cretien, but I am diverting the thread from your original idea and I`m sorry for that... :unsure:
  8. Stormbringer

    Foreign Legion Sahara... I am excited.....

    This is a very interesting medal indeed, but I am even more impressed from something in your discussion. How can I find any info about recruiting posts of FFL outside France? I came over some hints that they existed after WWI.
  9. The last but one is the Bulgarian Order For Bravery, which was the highest military award, given only during wartime. It was established in 1879 and was celebrated on November 27th - the Day of Bulgarian victories. Not surprisingly the peace treaty of Neuilly after WWI was signed on that very day... Very strange collection in my view.
  10. Thanks, ruiz! (It`s my first post on this forum )