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  1. cuba1959

    Orden "Carlos Manuel de Cespedes"

    Collar of the order of Céspedes in Gold owned by general Fulgéncio Batista. Made by Vilardebo y Riera.
  2. Hello ! I am interested to buy or exchange any order from Cuba for the period before 1959 revolution.  

    Fell free to contact me 

    best regards 


  3. Dear Ulsterman, The orden was given from May 1956 until December 1958. Please note that Fulgencio Batista gouvernement loose the control of a big part of the island in June 1958 and I am not really sure that this order was awarded after June 1958 due to the political situation of the Island. Best regards, Dear, sorry for the late answear. I didn’t see your PM before this day. It will a good idea for 2019. Let me work on it. Best regards Yannick Thank you
  4. cuba1959

    Orden "Carlos Manuel de Cespedes"

    here attached a diploma of Cespedes post revolution date 1960. They used the same document than before the revolution. No the comunist style carnet.
  5. cuba1959

    Cuba order Carlos J. Finley - 1928 / 1958

    President Sash Diploma of the order
  6. The national order of Carlos J. Finlay was created the president Gerardo Machado the 21/01/1928. The order is awarded for exceptional merit in charity and health purpose (Sanidad y beneficienca) for the Republic of Cuba. The order is still awarded until today. The order was also attributed for special merit in the Cuban political action and in the natural and social sciences. It was the second most important order in Cuba after Carlos Manuel de Cespedes order. The order had 7 grades; Gran Cross with banda de honor, - For the president of the Republic president Gran Cross, Gran official, Commander, Officer , Knight badge, Silver Cross. Most of the Order was made by Vilardebo y Riera or Antigua Vilardebo y Riera after 1936. The company change the name in 1936.
  7. The national order of Merito Mambi was established by decree presidential of General Fulgencio Batista the 8th of dicember 1955 (Decree 4049) in order to reward the cuban citizen and foreigner for special merit and services rendered to the veteran independence war class, the fatherland, humanity, the defense of the freedom and democracy. For exemple this order was awarded to General Fulgencio Batista in 1955 and to the city o f New-York the 15th April 1958. The order was attributed only the 10th of March of each year during 3 years only. The order had 6 grades; Gran Cross with banda de honor, Gran Cross, Gran official, Commander, Officer , Knight badge.
  8. An example of the Diploma of a 4st class
  9. This order was created the 11st May 1956 by General Fulgencio Batista in order to reward the Cuban citizen who promoted the development of the infrastructures of the country and the road network of Cuba. This order was only given until December 1958. The order had 5 grades; Gran Cross, Gran official, Commander, Official , Knight badge. This order is very rare due to the small period of attribution. The order was made by Antigua Vilardebo y Riera in Habana.
  10. The Cuban police order was created in May 1936 by General Fulgencio Batista in order to reward the member of the national police member. The order had 4 grades ; 1. First class : A breast star. Given to colonel and general. 2. Second class : A breast star. Given to higher rank official 3. third class: Official star with enamal. Given to second lieutenant until captain and civil with higher rank. 4. Fourth class: offical star without enamal. For non-official policemen and civil worker. The order had 7 distinctive represented by a color. Each color is in relation with a special merit. RED : War merit (for example fight again Fidel Castro troop) Red and White: Capture of dangerous delinquents. The order was also awarded to the chief of staff of the police. White: Scientific Merit. Also given for diplomatic merit to foreigner. Blue : 15 years of services Green : 20 years of services Purple (established in 1951): 40 years of services. Blue and White: Special services
  11. Hello Friend, For the police the WW1 medal is silver metal. Regards, Yann