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  1. USMedalGuy2012

    British DFC Ribbon Question

    Pete/Megan, Thank you for the information, most appreciated. I think your point about rank may be correct, who was going to argue with a 2 star that his dress blues weren't correct? My other thought was that the Uk DFC was probably rare enough that most people wouldn't have the slightest if the ribbon was correct or not. There's another non-regulation part to his ribbons, that of the air medal, there was no regulation to cover the sheer amount of OLC awarded. Is there any history on when use of the silver rosette started?
  2. Greetings from the States... I was hoping someone could look at the attached photo... The ribbons are all from Major General Levi R. Chase... referred to in another thread I was part of... "War Lord" lamented about the rest of the collection... well, I have the rest of it now, it's quite extensive. The DFC ribbon is what I'm wondering about. The DFC (UK) ribbon has a cloth rosette which seems odd. I thought it was supposed to be silver? Is this normal for the period, 1970's and earlier? Also, on the individual ribbons below, do you think they are of US origin or UK?
  3. USMedalGuy2012

    Medal Yearbook 2013 - Copy?

    Original was 1945 for CBI theatre then 1955 for the bar during Korea.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for someone with an updated copy of this book. Trying to determine current value of a British DFC (w/ Bar) awarded to US pilot, unnamed but attributed, no citations included with medal. I'm finding it hard to get a read on what a fair price is for this. Any help would be appreciated! ~WSC
  5. USMedalGuy2012


    All, After doing some research on the ground, I've found mention of the 1945 Citation which in itself is a very interesting story. Chase was granted the medal in 1945 but was posted outside of the CBI theatre at the time. He did not learn about it until contacted by the British Embassy in 1951. You can read the newspaper account in the attached link @ my website. https://sites.google.com/site/thefightingcommanderlrc/military-career/decorations/dfc-citation---1945 This explain some of the inconsistencies in trying to track down the citation through the normal routes provided by the British government. Enjoy!
  6. USMedalGuy2012


    Thank you sir for the welcome. I am enjoying the group so far.
  7. USMedalGuy2012


    WARLORD, I see this was topic is quite old but I am extremely interested in this medal recipient. I found your posting through the research I was doing. Am I correct to assume that you have ownership of this award? That was 6 years ago, do you still have it? Also curious to find out how you came across it. You mentioned provenance from a letter and an attempt to acquire the remaining medals from another son. How did that work out for you? Regards, Bill