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    Always looking for Imperial German medal bars, related to the former colonies!

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  1. Chinese Order of the Double Dragon. Interesting combination, which puzzle me, 'cause I thought this class of the Chinese order is for higher ranking. Beside this, no long service decoration, no further awards... BR, Chris
  2. Gents, Did anybody of you guys won the Benemerenti auction lot-no. 1031 (Document Group of a Matrose of the Trade-Submarine "Deutschland" / Ponape 1911.)? I would be happy to get in touch with the winner! BR, Gensui

    • FOR SALE

    Gents, I’m offering a very nice award document / certification for the (Japanese) Capital Rehabilitation Medal. This document was awarded to a Secretary Post office Mr. Joshitane TAKAHASHI (or maybe TAKABASHI) on 1st May 1931 with the award no. 120755. The document is basically fine overall, but unfortunately folded three times. Asking price is 150 Euro. Please note, it's excl. shipping cost, which needs to be added to the price! Payment via money transfer. Paypal is ok, too, while adding 4%. If further photos needed, feel free to ask at any time! Br, Chris


  4. Dear Gensui

    I am Japanese award document collector. I find you have collected some Japanese award documents. Could I ask do you have some plans to sell them? If you want, please connect with me.

    Best Wish


  5. Gensui

    China Incident Commemorative Medal

    Seems like official documents from a Japanese archive. Do you have any sources-information on this wonderful documents? BR, Chris
  6. Gents, After some thoughts and some discussion with the member Leutwein, I have doubt on the ribbon bars as well. Leutwein pointed out, that this ribbon bar (with the MVO4mKrX) should be, at least, to a Major-rank. But there is no long service medal for 25 years, which he should received basically. Beside this, it looks like a construction after the 1930s, and I'd like to refer on below link (thanks, Leutwein!) http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/related/ribbons/construction.htm BR, Chris
  7. What I feel strange about are the different conditions between ribbon and medal. Seems like cleaned ribbon, while medal have a patina. No worries about authenticity. BR, Chris
  8. Gensui

    Imperial German medal bars


    • WANTED

    Gents, I'm always interested in Imperial German medal bars, which are related to the former colonies. Especially to China, Samoa, Deutsch-Neuguinea and Venezuela. Please feel free to send me any offer directly via pm. Thanks and br, Chris


  9. As far as I remember, seller declared the Tsekingkwan clasp itself as "tailor's copy". Br, Chris
  10. I hope this is ok? Otherwise, you need to be patient, 'till I take this bar back from the safe desposit box. BR, Chris
  11. Hi Alex, Yes, it's Borns medal bar. As far as I know, Anton "Toni" Heinrich Kaspar Born was born in 1890 in St. Goashausen, Hessen-Nassau. He received the MEZ 2 for his service at Pohnpei in 1911. But I am not sure, which ship Born joined during this time (SMS Emden, SMS Nuernberg, SMS Cormoran). I have a copy of a postcard; no. 21 is Born. BR, Chris
  12. Gents, Please allow me to share my contribution to this interesting topic: Within the estate of the former U-Deutschland member seaman 1st class Anton Born, who served as engineer on the U-Deutschland and was interned in the US, was this “Iron Cross” with the counterfeit of Paul Koenig as well as an ash tray, made out of the scrapped Deutschland. BR, Chris
  13. Gensui

    1894 25th Wedding Anniversary Medal

    …to be honest, I don’t believe here in a golden version of this medal. Case looks mostly like the one for the Promulgation medal and the medal itself could be a “deadly-polished†silver medal. I’m not sure about the base material of this medal. I would had expect some more prominent case with some golden flower décor (compare to the case of the silver medal) for the golden Wedding Anniversary Medal... BR, Chris
  14. Gensui

    1894 25th Wedding Anniversary Medal

    ...and in GOLD Happy bidding... BR, Chris
  15. Gensui

    1894 25th Wedding Anniversary Medal

    Gents, For all those who are still looking for a nice Valentines gift: Wedding Anniversary Medal in silver …