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  1. Oops, the Sunday school story. As far as I know it's not online anywhere, I only have a photostat copy of it given to me by my uncle amongst other letters and papers of my grandfathers. Happy to type it up and upload/past it into this post. What would be the best? I'm not sure how to upload documents to this site though. Cheers Ion
  2. Me too. I was browsing links about slavery, Zanzibar and Witu when there was the comment about Capture of a slave dhow at Pemba, I've been trying to retrace my steps to read more on the story and get the officers name to further research but it escapes me. When I read it I couldn't help referencing it to his Sunday school speech. I'll keep searching and put up the link when I find it. Cheers Ion
  3. Thanks Peter and Chris,, Your assistance has been of great help. I actually think I may have located him through your link Peter; I've downloaded the RM of one marine who appears to meet the criteria. I also saw an article regarding a elf tenant who captured a dhow at Pemba. Many shots were fired on both sides. I would love to get the officers report of this engagement and the list of crew on e boat. My Grandfather became a missionary in the Solomon Islands and later far nor Queensland. I have a typed up story he gave to Sunday school in far North Queensland and it provides a slightly more descriptive account of that encounter, claiming it amongst other encounters in the Solomon Islands to be the defining reason for him changing from a marine to missionary work. Thank you both for your assistance. Ion
  4. I have a medal previously believed to belong to my grandfather however research to date seems to have floundered as I can't identify him as the recipient exactly from records. The inscription around the rim of the medal reads: T. Williams PTE. RM HMS Boadicea My Grandfather was borne in Abergavenny circa 1869. His full name was Thomas Arnold Francis Williams My dilemma is connecting the two. He came to the Pacific circa 1898 and has made reference to being in command of a boat party engaged in antislavery in Zanzibar. He also speaks of being a heavy machine gun instructor. I have correspondence received by him from the RN Arch Deacon of the time (1904). The letters appear to be mentoring from the Arch Deacon and reference a time in the Royal Marines though there is no actual evidence such as crew lists etc which I can 100% identify him and the medal. I would love to hear from any one who has information on how to cross reference and establish a link. Ion