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    All things military focusing on the Army in particulr the Royal Tank Regiment (I was in 4RTR nfor 12 years BAOR)
  1. Unknown badge

    anyone got a decent picture of the 4th guards armoured brigade badge I need a good copy to have a plaque made
  2. Unknown badge

    Guys in the end speagle was right it is 2 bn Cameronians scottish rifles there is a pic on the regimantal web page
  3. Unknown badge

    wow I often wonder if Smuts is still there I'm told its not
  4. Unknown badge

    thanks for the info Borderer were you by chance KOSB? and by greater chance in Berlin in 1972/3? I was with A sqdn 4RTR in Smuts barracks attached to KSOB medical centre
  5. Unknown badge

    Thanks for the discussion guys can anyone give me an authority or reference to look up this badge I want to sell it on but would like to be sure of my facts I have various reference books ie Kipling and King, thanks for your help Doug
  6. Unknown badge

    Anyone reconise this?