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  1. Hey! Does anyone know something about these? Is it from the Red Army Space Program?
  2. Hello! Does anyone know anything about these Eagles? Bought a lot and they came with! Thanks!
  3. danne1345

    Polish eagles

    Thanks for all the comments! I am impressed by the expertise! Polish eagle has great variety. As the picture. A question (Hashim.A.Khan): is not the Russian eagle "Double-headed"?
  4. danne1345

    Polish eagles

    The rear side is blank. I guess that all three are Polish, but are not sure. First one and last one have the screwback. The middle has "rings".
  5. Hey! Does anyone know what these are? Country? "Heard" that they are hard to come by? I have bought all of these together. D
  6. danne1345

    Help needed!

    Thanks for all the comments! I have not paid much (about 7 dollars!) Ferdinand; It is perhaps the fun of collecting: to bet sometimes!