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  1. Doc_Holliday

    Ottoman naval dagger

    Hello Can anyone provide me with some info on the Ottoman naval dagger? The total lenght is 14.5" and the scabbard is missing. I found this for sale but it is a longer. What is the difference? https://www.weitze.com/militaria/07/Tuerkei_bzw_Osmanisches_Reich_Dolch_fuer_Marineoffiziere__263107.html Thanks Doc
  2. Doc_Holliday

    Russian imperial

    Hello Not exactly a decoration but still someting that belong to the zar family. A russian imperial easter egg in porcelai with the monogram of Maria Feodorovna with crown. 100% original and in nice condition. I am consider selling so I wondering if you know any of the members in here that collect items like that? Thanks Doc
  3. Thanks dedehansen I would like to sell the lot so let me know if you are interested. The lot includes: - Honor goblet in iron.- The pilot Emil Singers Flugzeugfürer book- The original photo from the book in glas with paperbag- 3 documents. One too the ehrenbecher and two other from his career (All 3 copies)- 7 barografs with Emil Singers name on.- 4 photos with Emil Singer and others.- A big lot of photos with planes, crashes, crews and more. You can find some info on Emil Singer at the aerodrome.com. Quite interesting. Please let me know if you need more photos. Doc
  4. Thanks for your reply Claudius. Those arrangements? I have to do many post to get accepted as a regular member? I can't post an image either. Why is that? Just wanna show you the LOT. Best Doc
  5. Hello I have a very nice Ehrenbecher lot I would like to sell but I don't know how to post in "The old sale room"? Can someone help me? Thanks Doc