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  1. Quick question. Does anyone know what helmet flash (if any) the Royal Canadian Regt. wore in the Boer War?
  2. They're the Britains "Deetail" figures. Made of a nice hard plastic so they could be converted into almost anything and, just to make life easier, the bases came off with no trouble at all. Plus they were so cheap that if you did have a disaster, you weren't looking at a whole month's pocket money going down the drain. I loved 'em. I had a a load of British infantry of the Indian Mutiny converted from the American Civil War confederates (the grey plastic took paint better thatn the Union's dark blue). How I miss them! BTW, Mike. That cider cup in the middle of your cabinet is great.
  3. 1/72 scale German light cruiser Munich. 1940

    That's one hell of an impressive hull. I was going to ask how much it weighed. As you say, no one's going to walk off with that from a display table (well not unless they're built like Arnold Swarzenegger).
  4. RMLI Sergeant in Egypt, 1882 (1/6 scale)

    I am not a fan of 1/6th figures, I have to admit, but that is MAGNIFICENT! The sunburn on the face and the dust - it's faultless!