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  1. I hope to expand this thread into a basic step by step guide to reading the basic information on Japanese award certificates since they are a fascinating subject. To start it off, one of the basic things to know is the period of the award, which can be broken down into Meiji, Taisho, Showa or Heisei. The years of each are detailed elsewhere. Most collectors will only encounter the first three, Heisei certs have not yet started to trickle onto the market in much quantity. The attachments below show the wording for Meiji, Taisho and Showa as they appear on certificates in that order from left to right. Apologies for the fact that the Taisho scan is larger than the others ! Meiji and Showa certificates are more common than Taisho due to the longer reigns and larger conflicts. Knowing which reign you are looking at is important since the numbers that follow will give the year within that reign and hence allow you to date the certificate. Russo Japanese War certificates are normally from April Meiji 39 and China Incident certificates are from April Showa 15. These are by far the most common award dates encountered.
  2. One of the items that has nothing to do with my core collecting interests, but which I always wanted, was a RCMP full dress uniform. The only problem was that I could never recall seeing such a uniform come up for sale. In fact, the only RCMP badges that ever seemed to appear were a cap badge every now and then. I was discussing this with another collector when to my surprise he said that not only did he have a full dress uniform in his collecting, but he was willing to swap the entire collection for something else. I now have most of the items in the collection and the last remaining pieces should be with me soon (fingers crossed). There are a number of full uniforms so I will pst pictures of them once I get around to taking them. For now, however, here are pictures of some of the badges which I have acquired. If anyone has any idea on the value of these items feel free to let me know. Because they were got by swapsies I have little idea on the value if I was to try and buy them from a dealer (bye the way, they are not for sale). First up is a very scarce item. These are shoulder titles for the forerunner of the RCMP, the Royal North West Mounted Police. The badges are made from brass and maker marked Gaunt London on the reverse. One of the areas where the Mounties have seen service is with the UN in Namibia. Here are some commemorative pins, a RCMP 1st Squadron Pocket badge, and the UNTAG Medal which they received. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2010/post-1487-126437621189.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2010/post-1487-126437622086.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_01_2010/post-1487-126437622904.jpg
  3. I have always thought that the British rank badge for a WO Class 1 and Regimental Sergeant Major is a very attractive item. While I do not yet have one of the Guard's "Big Badges" their smaller cousins are still very nice and here are a few I recently acquired. First up we have a bullion full dress badge on red backing. Next up we have the service dress uniform version for most infantry units with a scarlet border. This is the version for the Royal Army Medical Corps with a cherry red border. I believe this is a full dress version for the Royal Corps of Transport but am willing to be corrected. And finally a rifle green badge. I am not sure if this is for the rifles or the Royal Irish, the shades are slightly different. Enjoy :cheers:
  4. Following on from the thread's on WO rank badges I noticed that there does not appear to be a thread looking at the hugh variety of skill at arms badges and trade badges worn by the British Army so I decided to kick this one off. First up a trade badge for "A Group" trades. This encompassed a number of different trades. This is followed by the B trades badge..... Next up we have the badge worn by an Artificer in the REME. Firstly the badge for No 2 dress. and then the bullion badge for mess dress...
  5. Paul L Murphy

    plmurphy's Japanese collection

    One of my key areas of interest is Imperial Japan so here are a few of the Japanese related items that are in my collection. Starting with some of the earlier and more expensive medals , here is the Imperial Constitution Promulgation Medal.
  6. Given the popularity of the thread on RSM badges I thought I would follow up with a thread on WO Class 2 badges. While these are not as impressive as the RSM badges they are still nice and the Guards' badges look very well. So here we go .... First up a few Kings Crown pieces. The first is in brass and would have been worn in shirtsleeve order. Next is a nice full dress bullion example. A bit of wear to the velvet but still a nice badge.
  7. Paul L Murphy

    Spain - Spanish collar badges

    I picked up two sets of Spanish collar badges over the weekend at a flea market. The first pair are very nice enamelled with a screback fitting. I am presuming they are officer quality cavalry corps but would be grateful for confirmation. The second pair are not as good but still enamelled with loops for split pins on the reverse. Are these Infantry badges and later officer's pieces, or earlier other ranks pieces ? Grateful for all help in pinning these down more accurately. Cheers, Paul
  8. Paul L Murphy

    Crimea Medal to French recipient

    One of my latest purchases is a British Crimea Medal, no bars, to a French recipient. The naming on the edge says "6357 PARIS AU 50 2 G". Can anyone shed some more light on what this means ? I am presuming 2 G refers to 2nd Grenadier Regiment or the like but it has me puzzled. Cheers, Paul
  9. One of the items in my collection is a set of service dress ribbons that have been cut from a tunic. The medal combination is pretty special : - DCM, MM & 2 bars, Kings Police Medal, 1908-35 IGSM, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 1, Italy Star, France & Germany Star, 1939-45 War Medal, 1918-62 GSM, 1962 CSM with MID, Army LSGC medal, MSM, Territorial Efficiency Medal, 1939 Croix de Guerre, Belgian Medal of the Order of the Crown. I thought this would be easy to pin down but I cannot find anybody who was entitled toa DCM and three MMs. Anybody out there able to shed some light on this ? Paul ps. I do not have any decent photos of the set, my apologies. However it has definitely not been tampered with and the roses have been on the MM ribbon a long time.
  10. It could be the LVO since it appears to be enamelled. The MVO is frosted silver.
  11. Paul L Murphy

    Japanese Dress Sword

    The right hand column is the name of the maker and the left hand column says Showa Year 14 (which equates to 1939).
  12. Exactly, which is why I ended up not bidding on it ! Most collectors of Royal Navy gallantry groups will not know or care that the Rising Sun is not original to the group. They will have been after the DSM and the story behind it.
  13. Paul L Murphy

    57 Croix de Valeur for the REP

    Very nice indeed. I wonder are the modern certificates in the rectified name all the time ? The old Indochina era ones certainly were.
  14. This lot was recently sold in a London medal auction and I was lucky enough to be able to handle it at the viewing. I was actually going to bid on it until I handled it, however it was clearly a post war Rising Sun that had been added to the group. Unfortunately you cannot see the reverse in the auction photos, but it had all the characteristics that Dieter has shown on his post war 7th class in earlier posts within this thread.
  15. I agree, this is a higher class of Special Meritorious Member badge. A very nice find, I have never seen one of these before.
  16. The Guards first wore khaki in the Sudan Campaign from memory. I would be pretty certain that what you have is a QEII version of the badge since the Victorian era badges are normally only found on red cloth since they were worn on the full dress uniform then. These currently fetch about £30, assuming they are in good condition. If it has moth damage then the price would drop a lot.
  17. Paul L Murphy

    Red Cross Gold Order of Merit

    Fundraising in the aftermath of the tsunami. When I was a student in Japan I lived about 60 Kms from the nuclear reactors in Fukushima so I took all of the devestation rather personally since I remember what a lovely place it was, and how lovely and friendly the people were.
  18. Hopefully in November I should be able to advise if the safe pin rosette comes with the modern Red Cross order since I will be awarded the Gold Merit Cross.
  19. He is more commonly known in the Household Division as "God's unofficial representative on earth" ! The Garrison Sergeant Major of London Division has now got a new rank badge which harks back to the Victorian era. It was first worn by the present holder of this office, RSM Mott of the Welsh Guards, at the recent royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The badge is the large royal arms, as worn by Guards RSMs, on a four bar chevron. Initially it was thought that they could use the four bar chevron currently used for band masters, however when they tried it the chevrons were at the wrong angle to best display the badge. Hence the master tailor in Wellington Barracks made new four bar chevrons at a different angle. Only five badges were made so this is not something that will find its way onto ebay anytime soon ! It is probably the most impressive modern rank badge that I have ever seen so enjoy !
  20. Paul L Murphy

    Red Cross Gold Order of Merit

    Later this year I should be able to show an example of the current issue award since I have been advised by the Japanese Red Cross that I will be awarded the Gold Merit Cross in November. :D
  21. Paul L Murphy

    Red Cross - Great Kanto Earthquake Commemorative Medallion

    These rarely turn up, well done !
  22. Can you explain what you mean by "civilian ribbon" please ? Are you referring to the little metal and enamel lapel badge that comes with the medal set for wear in civilian clothes ? One of the key factors in the value will be the era of the medals and whether or not they were actually awarded. Hence are there are numbers impressed in the edge of them, are any of them named, and what type of broach they have (these can be used to date them) are all important. If you can get photos posted then we will be better able to help. Cheers, Paul
  23. Paul L Murphy

    To Our Friends In Japan....

    It is hard to believe that it is already one year since that tragedy struck !
  24. Paul L Murphy

    Order of the Rising Sun

    Certificate number 80 ! This is about as early as it gets !
  25. I am looking back through some old photos of the 4th and 5th class Golden Kite in wear and trying to match up the birds with the classification used in Nick's earlier post. I realise the quality of the attached photo is a bit iffy so apologies in advance but it seems to match up to the type of kite that is classified as early Taisho. Am I correct ?