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    WWII USMC Gear, Medals, Patches, Field Rolls etc. And US gear, medals uniforms etc.

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  1. jonsey2001


    I take full responsibility! (thumbs up)
  2. jonsey2001

    ID assistance

    I'm going with jewelry.
  3. jonsey2001

    3 War USMC medal group

    I found this site - there were 120 or so DFS's awarded during WW2 to USMC aviators. This narrows it down some. Thanks again for the post I found this - I narrowed down the squadrons by eliminating the major campaigns like "Wake and Midway" and VMF-121 has 3 DFS recipients: http://www.ntxe-news.com/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi?archive=23&num=38286&printer=1 Robert M. Baker - did find anything that he stayed in the service Kenneth M. Ford - got out and got marries after the war William B. Freeman - makes sense but his obit has a typo retire date '54 should read '64. And there is a V-5 pin that came with the lot. Opinions?
  4. jonsey2001

    3 War USMC medal group

    Wow- that provides a tremendous perspective. There are only a few WW2 squadrons as well. Any good sites with rosters? He retired on the east coast so that means pax river or cherry point. Thank you!
  5. jonsey2001

    Opinions on cleaning EGA

    A couple of local guys say to clean it up. Interresting to me to read the opinions. There is a jewelry cleaner that you can dip this is and it takes all the grime off. Then it will sparkle. In any case the jury is out. I don't know what I will do having several sets I like them clean and shiney.
  6. jonsey2001

    ID assistance

    Hello, Is this jewelry or a pocket badge? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! Only negative in this group is it is not named. Enjoy! -George
  8. jonsey2001

    Us cap

    The army shield is bullion and looks ok was it embroidered on the hat or a separate piece of cloth? Looks to be 1902 pattern dress cover for a regular officer.
  9. jonsey2001

    Opinions on cleaning EGA

    Hi Peter, Good points. This is an officers EGA 10kt gold and sterling. Meant to be seen the black is tarnish. I am eager to see what others have to say. I am happy either way. Zoom in on the America's it looks brass but that is gold. Thanks! George
  10. Hi all, I have this and the collar emblems nice HH pattern Probabily 1930's. Would you clean the tarnish? If so how? I do not want to use paste if it is advisable. Thanks in advance! George
  11. jonsey2001

    English made WW2 AAC DUI - identify?

    Its First Air Transport Sqdn. CBI made DI's.
  12. Hi all, Happy New year! This is pretty odd looking definitely British Made. Its on a 4 pocket enlisted mans jacket with 8th and 20th air corps patches. Thanks in advance! George
  13. This is a nice looking display. Is the destroyer the one that resistance forces disabled in the fjords? Cheers.. George
  14. jonsey2001

    Purple Heart Ruling

    I saw this today. I am confused as to how this ruling can be upheld. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/ex-marine-can-wear-medals-he-didn’t-earn-a-court-calls-it-free-speech/ar-CCvR7i?li=BBnbcA1
  15. jonsey2001

    Sweetheart PIn

    Coro is a jewelry maker. Specifically costume jewelry.