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  1. Here is a "50" to s. Pz Jäger 653, not in the best of shape and on the next attachment you will see the GAB to the same soldier who was earlier in Stug Abt 197
  2. Tiger "50" document to the same soldier
  3. here is an early Pz Rgt 25 PAB document with Rommel signature
  4. A closer view of the Reichsstudentenführer in SS uniform
  5. Here are students at the Langemarckhaus in Ziegelhausen with their HJ similar uniforms.
  6. Chris, he was executed by the British in their sector. Apparently a woman was being robbed by a Russian forced worker who was liberated and he grabbed a guards weapon and shot the Russian, killing him. The war had just ended and due to the fact that it was forbidden by punishment of death for Germans to use weapons, he was sentanced to death. Supposedly Montgomery put in for mercy but this was denied. He had survived the entire war and then had this misfortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. His items were sent to the family in Bavaria.
  7. Correct, but before this he was the commander of Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 192 which later became "GD". He was executed in May 1945 after attempting to stop a robbery.
  8. Here is the signature of Knights Cross winner Oberstleutnant Erich Hammon for the file