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  1. 1st badge is for the military political college 2nd is paratrooper 3rd is ceremonial company ( honour guard?)
  2. Timoor

    Rafidain Medal Group

    Dear Owain, Thank you very much for the info. Regards, Timoor
  3. Timoor

    Rafidain Medal Group

    Dear Owain, It's a pleasure to be of assistance. May I ask what auction house was selling the gold niello cigarette case with Abdulillah's image on it ? Timoor
  4. Timoor

    Rafidain Medal Group

    Gentlemen, The officer in the photograph is MG J M L (Callum) Renton, Rifle Brigade. he was my guardian when I came to the UK following the 1958 revolution in Iraq. General Renton spent several years in Iraq helping establish the Iraqi Army. Timoor