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  1. Thank you for answering. Btw I got his name in another forum.
  2. Hello, the frontside of this Weiss MVK second class looks good, but the pictures are very small. Will you show us the backside and a bigger foto of the frontside medaillon. I guess it is a late production in the regular red box.
  3. This could be the bavarian bravery-medal. The Max-Joseph was only given to officers.
  4. Nice photo, is there a name or a unit on the backside? This could be a bavarian.
  5. Walter spent a lot of time to write this book. He told me, about 10 years. He reworked the book over and over again. Researched in archives and the available source literature. The book in its kind has the "Schrettinger" as an example. Great work, I am also quite excited. Greetings Andreas
  6. That is not the Prince Alfons badge. This kind of badge could be for a wedding-jubilee, but I don't know which. This is the Alfons-badge
  7. What a brilliant chain. A long service officer who had been in three wars. He got no fighting-award like a MVO or a iron cross. The rare Ludwigskreuz was given for 50 years of service in the bavarian army. The cross had to be returned after the death of the bearer. That is one reason, why this cross is so rare. This cross was also given to bavarian officials, priests and other persons in a equal rank of an officer. The non-officers got a golden medal for 50 years of service.
  8. What a nice bavarian chain. This must be avery high official. He got the order of the bavarian crown, knightscross. So he could change his name in "Ritter von" (knight of). The Michaelsorden will be the trhird class and the Luitpoldmedal ist the silverclass. That looks very fine.
  9. What a huge collection. which collector has the money and the place for so many items?
  10. Hello, I'm searching the name of this german WW2 General with knightscross. Has anyone an idea?
  11. Can you show better pictures of the MVO? Very nice a noncombattant NCO with 15 years sevice-cross. Very fine bar!!!
  12. Here my new entry with austrian and german decorations. The chain is marked with Hemmerle Munich