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  1. Can you show better pictures of the MVO? Very nice a noncombattant NCO with 15 years sevice-cross. Very fine bar!!!
  2. Here my new entry with austrian and german decorations. The chain is marked with Hemmerle Munich
  3. Yes it is the production till 1916 with golden medaillons by Weiss. Very nice officers-bar. The MVO has a fine, old patina with its own caracter. Typical bavarian bar, the MVO is in front of the prussian EK. regards Andreas
  4. Hello, that is a total fake. Nothing is original. regards
  5. Very fine. The MVO is from the manufacturer Weiss. I think golden medaillons. Please show us the backside. Regards Andreas
  6. The award on the third position would be the medal of the golden wedding of King Ludwig III. Thanks for the beautiful pictures
  7. wow, that is a wonderful grouping. Congretulations Will you show us the ring in better pictures?
  8. Gratulation, you've got a early 1914 bavarian MVK second class with swords. Manufacturer of this nice cross was Jakob Leser. Regards Andreas
  9. very nice collection. What is the difference between the silver bar and the bar with swords? regards Andreas
  10. There are no different classes. Pure economic reasons were the reason for the changeover. From the end of 1916, the crosses were only given in the version of silver gilt.
  11. Hello, the jubileemedal is a postwar production. Look at the ringholder, it is smaller than the original. The original medal is much thicker. Here the two kinds, left original right postwar production. regards Andreas
  12. Hello, the MVK is a bad fake, the enamel looks awful. The Jubileemedal is also bad. regards Andreas
  13. Hello, the medal looks good, but I think the ribbon and the bars are not from WW1. It is the first threetime-bar I see. I only know the single and the double bar.. I thougt the bar is only for the silver medal not for the bronce medal.