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  1. The MVO is a Hemmerle, but I cant see if it is a golden or a silver guilt medaillon. So I need the backside of this award. I think the MVK is from another relative. What is written at ancestry about the Landwehr-Leutnant?
  2. Very nice grooping. Is that the treasurebox of the whole family? I think two or three owners.
  3. Very nice. This is a late production of Hemmerle (1918) with silver guilt medaillon. I have never seen blue paper. Normally this cross was in a red paperbox. The first class was awarded to the rank Feldwebel-Leutnant.
  4. Hello, I think he was a reactivated Feldwebel-Leutnant. A Vizefeldwebel would be awarded with a MVK second class with swords. This MVK first class is a late production of Hemmerle, can you show better pictures of the MVO?
  5. I've never senn the silver coin before. In my collection is only a bronce coin. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Hello, it is a Leser Typ 1 with real golden center. I miss the cross above the crown on the front center. Fo me, it looks like a repair of the black enamel. The "L" was mountend seperately, also the lion of the backside. Here for example a piece of my collection.
  7. I agree with waldo. Weiss was court jeweler of the Bavarian king. He had a name to lose if he had delivered such faulty goods.
  8. Hallo Spolei,

    gratuliere zum Schnäppchen! Sehr schön. Hast Du auch die Spange bekommen?


    1. spolei


      Nein die Spange hat wohl der user Nicolas7507 gekauft.
      Von der Feldspange wusste ich gar nichts.
      Im SDA ist ein user, der hatte letztes Jahr zwei große Ordenschnallen zum einhängen aus dem auseinandergerissenen Nachlass gekauft.
      Gruß Andreas

  9. Hello, last week I have won the ebay auction with the König-Ludwig-Kreuz certificate and 3 pictures of him. Here some more informations Decorations: MVO 4. class crown/swords Jubiläumsmedaille Service cross 24 years Iron cross 2 König Ludwig Kreuz Spain Knightscross Isabella the catholic he was married and had two daughters.
  10. That looks like the braverymedal. Is there a description about the unit?
  11. can you show us details of the ribbon, the picture is very small.