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  1. Hello Chris, do you have more informations abou him? Normally, the entry age was 20 years. Schmidhuber is a common name in Bavaria, so there will be hundreds of lists.
  2. Gratualtion, very nice bar and a goooood price.
  3. Lauer delivers the Ordenskanzlei till 1916. So you won`t see red boxes for the Lauer-crosses. This type was the first from beginning. The second type has smaller swords. Type 1 up Type 2 down
  4. Hallo Walter, jetzt bekommen wir zum Denglish auch noch einen bayerischen Akzent dazu ;-)
  5. Some badges and pins...

    Hello, that is the silver Lorbeerblatt
  6. Some badges and pins...

    Hello, the single leaf-mini in the middle is a "Silbernes Lorbeerblatt" of the BRD. It will be given to high to german sportchampions.
  7. Hello Chris, here another example. Awarding in october 1917. I think the early awardings would be signed in the rangliste. A friend told me about 67 officers-rings. Exist a list of them? I know only this names of soldiers and NCO's http://www.kriegsopfer.org/Weltkrieg/Infanterie_Leib_Regiment/Leiberring.htm
  8. Thats not right. I have seen some in the lists. Here one example. Awarded in June 1918
  9. Hello, there are several listings of him. He was woundet 11. Aug. 1917. Schrapnellsteckschuß Oberschenkel. One list says left leg, the other list says right leg. He was awarded with the Edelweiss, but no comment about the ring. regards Andreas
  10. I dont know the international price. In ebay germany you will pay about 130 to 170 Euro with box.
  11. It is not a fake, it is a Weiss late production and the bar is also good.