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  1. This is an original knight cross from H. Rose with missing ring. This kind of cross was made between 1884-1908. Regards Seeheld
  2. Thank you for sharing. This is a very nice set! I love it! I guess the box is labeled with H. Rose? The neck cross is a late piece. Can you make pictures of the Box label and the Godet label on breast stars backside? Thank you! Regards Seeheld
  3. Eurorders please be so kind and provide us better pictures. Regards Seeheld
  4. Nice set! I'm sure, the griffins are not made by Silver. Only the Gold grade is lower as the rest of the Order. Regards Seeheld
  5. Nice medal bar, which was also on my focus. Finally I'm also not able to identify the owner. As you wrote already, here will be a small number of names left. Regards Seeheld
  6. negative never ever But if you don't trust my knowledge, then go ahead. two short questions: why I have never meet a collector in our archives in Mecklenburg? How is possible that I have all mecklenburgian rolls and thousands of files in copy, but always other collectors have more knowledges? best regards Frank
  7. 100% sure The Mecklenburg ribbons are more lighter and not so colourful.
  8. Sorry to say like that, but it is not a bar from Mecklenburg. It's Oldenburg! Here is a long service cross mounted insteate of a missing Campaign medal from Oldenburg 1866! regards Seeheld
  9. It's long Story. It's came together with yours and other stuff in 2001 from a small auction house into the collection of a friend of me. He was also the one who sold your silver engraved private purchased badge to a german collector who sold yours into the wide world... Regards Seeheld Your silver badge was sold in the auction without box... Here is a scan from your silver piece made by my friend who brought the badge during the auction and the page from the auction catalog from 2001. Regards Seeheld
  10. I was lucky last week and I got the awarded Seeflieger Badge from Otto Hess. It is made from Bronze by H. Schaper. It's looks like he was wearing this badge a long time and he has polished it very often. Regards Seeheld
  11. I guess you will find nothing in Berlin. The ottoman empire is also very popular in Germany and we have many collectors. Sorry... Regards Seeheld
  12. great medal bar and easy to restore regards Seeheld
  13. 1671 Knight Crosses You are right, usually is here no chance to get a right name. regards Seeheld
  14. Hi Nicolas, at first your informations from Wikipedia is totally wrong. The Griffin order was the lowest order in both Mecklenburg. (Schwerin and Strelitz) And a Knight Cross with Swords has never been existed. I have the complete rolls of all Orders and Medals from Mecklenburg on my files. Wich information do you require exactly? Regards Seeheld