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  1. Schießplatzmeister: 10 points! Regards Seeheld
  2. Really nice group, but no chance to find the right name. Regards Seeheld
  3. An absolute Missing Link...

    Nice find and very interesting! thanks for sharing regards seeheld
  4. Great Medal Bar! I like that bar very much! Thanks for sharing. regards Seeheld
  5. Hi Dave, thank you for your information supply. Today I have received the medal bar. It's really a beauty. Maybe the Chilean Order is on a wrong ribbon? I know this order on a dark blue ribbon. I do not have any information regarding this order. Regards Seeheld
  6. Andy, thank you very much for your additional informations! Regards Seeheld
  7. Correct. His given Name was Gebhard. Thank you Daniel Krause! regards Seeheld
  8. I am the winner of the auction. This is the medal bar of Major Graf von der Schulenburg, Freiherr von Bohlen. Commander of the 2nd Bataillon Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr.90 (Rostock) Regards Seeheld
  9. Hi Eurorders, nice bar. I love it! I guess you have missunderstood me. The meaning of my post was: I wish to have your bar in my collection. Sorry, but my english is very weak. And yes, both medals I have already on several medalbars in my collection, but like yours. Thank you for sharing with us. If you ones in your life want to sell that bar, please be so kind and let me know. Regards Seeheld
  10. Nice bar (also for my own collection), but I guess you should show us the back side. Regards Seeheld
  11. This is an original knight cross from H. Rose with missing ring. This kind of cross was made between 1884-1908. Regards Seeheld
  12. Thank you for sharing. This is a very nice set! I love it! I guess the box is labeled with H. Rose? The neck cross is a late piece. Can you make pictures of the Box label and the Godet label on breast stars backside? Thank you! Regards Seeheld
  13. Eurorders please be so kind and provide us better pictures. Regards Seeheld
  14. Nice set! I'm sure, the griffins are not made by Silver. Only the Gold grade is lower as the rest of the Order. Regards Seeheld
  15. Nice medal bar, which was also on my focus. Finally I'm also not able to identify the owner. As you wrote already, here will be a small number of names left. Regards Seeheld