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  1. I guess you will find nothing in Berlin. The ottoman empire is also very popular in Germany and we have many collectors. Sorry... Regards Seeheld
  2. great medal bar and easy to restore regards Seeheld
  3. 1671 Knight Crosses You are right, usually is here no chance to get a right name. regards Seeheld
  4. Hi Nicolas, at first your informations from Wikipedia is totally wrong. The Griffin order was the lowest order in both Mecklenburg. (Schwerin and Strelitz) And a Knight Cross with Swords has never been existed. I have the complete rolls of all Orders and Medals from Mecklenburg on my files. Wich information do you require exactly? Regards Seeheld
  5. Ok, now it is clear. He is noted in the rolls as Alexander Fürst von Teck. He got his Grand cross Crown in Ore at the 22nd of July 1904 from Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Regards Seeheld
  6. Wow! I have found my family on three nails in the museum in my place of birth. The biggest nails are engraved. Regards Seeheld
  7. I will have another look tomorrow. All have been awarded with the civilian Class. Crown in Ore is the class for highest nobility only! For example Kings, Dukes, Prince ... Crown in Gold is the class for common nobility or high ranking people. For example Fieldmarshalls, Generals, Minister, Ambassador Regards Seeheld
  8. Hello Guys, last week I got this medal from an old man, who want to melt the medal to get money for the gold. He told me that medal was awarded to his great grandfather (Family name Miehlke). The medal has a diameter of 51mm and a weight of 77g. According to a jeweler the Gold is made from 20kt. It is possible to get informations about Direktor Miehlke? He was living until 1918 in St. Petersburg. How rare is such a medal? regards Seeheld
  9. According to the rolls: 1. Grand cross with crown in ore on 27.09.1879 from Mecklenburg-Strelitz 2. nile 3. Grand cross with crown in ore on 13.08.1865 from Mecklenburg-Strelitz 4. not clear 5. Grand cross with crown in ore on 22.07.1904 from Mecklenburg-Strelitz 6. Grand cross with crown in ore on 19.07.1902 from Mecklenburg-Strelitz The problem are the different names and titles. This is the reason for number 4. Number 2 is for sure not noted in the original rolls. Best regards Seeheld
  10. I don't need to see the whole cross. It's an already known fake. Regards Seeheld
  11. I have all Mecklenburg rolls in Exel on my Database... Including the Friedrich Franz-Cross 1917 for Home Merite! around 1500 Crosses are awarded for Men and Women mostly in Mecklenburg Regards Seeheld
  12. You should take #2 and I will take #1 for sure... Regards