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  1. Hello. How can I contact you privately?  ''Message'' option says doesn't allow contact with you... 


  2. Hello. I have a nice old Italian enamel badge with crossed Italian and Turkish flags, from 1910 (with inscriptions of two states names and dated to May 1910 / Maggio 1910) but don't know anything more about it. Badge height: 32 mm. Producer: A. Santi, Venice. Could someone please help me to ID the occasion it was manufactured for? The badge looks even more strange if we know that Italy and Turkey went into the war (Libyan War) only a year later (September 1911).
  3. Hello. I have ''10 years anniversary medal'', or ''Erinnerungsmedaille'' of the Austrian First Republic, in solid silver 800/1000, with 3 hallmarks (''800'' for silver, ''BH'' for producer? and state mark for silver and for the city of production - ''W''-Vienna, as shown below on photo). Unfortunately, I don't have any literature on Austrian post-WWI decorations and all I could find are few internet examples of some cheaper variants of this medal made of bronze (or silvered bronze). I must say, it's very surprising for me that there is so little information on this medal on the internet. I expected much more, to be honest. So, these facts still remain unknown to me: - who exactly issued this medal (state, or some organization, political party...), and to whom was it awarded (civilians, army, both...) ? - Is this variant more rare than those made in bronze? - is this variant made in silver known in any decorations-related sources, reference books, price guides, (auction) catalogues...? I would be very thankful if someone could tell me more about this medal and this particular silver variant. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Rogi. Those could be Croatian, but judging from years 1918/1917, probably from WW1 period, when Croatia was still part of KuK Monarchy... Of course, those could be easily made after WW1... And one small correction. If you think on initials on the second badge, those are not ''ZG'', but ''ŽG''. So I think direct connection to ''Zagreb'' is unlikely here... One more ''creative'' assumption of mine - maybe those are some kind of personal WW1 (fallen?)soldier badges, with initials of their names...?? And different years... maybe years of their death in battle?? Although, on the other side, it's hard to belive it was easy and inexpensive to order ''personal'' minting, with different design and letters for each soldier...
  5. Hello everyone. I have a question on two WW1 enameled button pin badges with years 1918 and 1917 and letters ''RG/GR'' and ''ŽG/GŽ'', which I've tried to identify like everywhere (colleagues, literature, internet forums), but without any success I believe for some reasons (overall design and pin suspension system) it could be Austro-Hungarian (most probably Slavic area of the monarchy, note the Slavic letter ''Ž'' present in Czech, Slovak, Slovene & Croatian language...) but unfortunately, I still have no clue which could give me some indication of my assumption. Badges are both 3 cm in diameter. Any help with identification, or suggestion where is the best place to ID it, would be much appreciated. Thanks.