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  1. I'd agree: St Michael and St George.
  2. Fascinating thread - finding out about these modern awards can be very difficult!
  3. At work - I'll see what I can dig up when I get home!
  4. The Order of Democracy of Simon Bolivar (Orden de la Democracia Simón Bolívar), to give the beast its full name, was insitituted in 1980 and is awarded in six classes (Grand Cross with Gold Star, Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight) for 'extraordinary services to Colombia'. This would be the top class, I imagine (except they have taken to calling it 'Grand Cross with Collar' now): a delight to see such a set - haven't managed to find images for my website yet, alas.
  5. The double-sided swords type was issued from about 1856 to 1975!
  6. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!
  7. What does the reverse look like?
  8. Nice - Medaille für hervorragende Leistungen in der Leicht- Lebensmittel- und Nahrungsgüterindustrie der DDR (Medal for Distinguished Service in Light and Food Industry) (instituted 1975).
  9. Wiki page is magnificiently informative... and bodes fair to distract me from current activities (Malawi on my site and US National Guard and British Campaign Medals on the OMSA site if you must know!).
  10. Frank, I think we should recommend you for the Medal "For the Promotion of the National Guard" - as you are busy telling the medal-loving world about it!
  11. Where is there one for distinction in cleaning the ablutions block?
  12. Likewise... if only for the lemon juice, which I like anyway!
  13. C'est magnifique, Hendrik - looking forwards to seeing more in due course. Must trundle off to reset links from my site!
  14. Hendrik has moved house and ISP (who hosted the site). He's rebuilding with the intention of posting elsewhere, but you can find the site via the Internet Archive, which imaged it after the last time he edited it. Here's the link: