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  1. The DFC ribbon is not normally worn with any adornment, certainly not a cloth rosette. If the recipient receives a 'second award' of the DFC, this is denoted by a bar on the ribbon when medals are worn and by a silver rosette when ribbons only are worn.
  2. Awards of Electronic Warfare Troops

    Thanks... I think I've got them sorted now Until the next one...
  3. Awards of Electronic Warfare Troops

    Thank you, Frank... more Russian goodies But where do they go in the order of precedence of Russian Ministry of Defence awards?
  4. Distinci?n "Aracelio Iglesias"

    Came across this: ... then found this thread when trying to figure out what it was. Any thoughts?
  5. Common with Zimbabwe!
  6. Cholera Medal 1865

    Just the silver medal.
  7. Swedish Vaasa-orden

    I have a few pictures here: http://medals.org.uk/sweden/sweden004.htm There are also some here: http://www.omsa.org/images/?parent=881 Dealers you could try include eMedals - see https://www.emedals.com/europe/sweden/orders/order-of-vasa Examples quite often show up at auction too...
  8. Beautiful images, but as Paja says, identifying them would be helpful - I know most of them, but Albanian ODM are fairly obscure...
  9. Remembrance Day _ Protocols - Comments

    In UK Churches, it is common to observe a 2-minute silence at 11am on the Sunday next after 11 November (unless 11 November is a Sunday, when that will do). There is a growing tendency to observe a 2-minute silence at 11am on 11 November whatever day it falls upon (in the University where I work they sound the fire alarm, having pre-announced that they will do so). As for poppies, they seem to appear earlier and earlier every year. The BBC mandates that presenters wear them from mid-October, which is a bit ridiculous. I used to wear them only on 11 November and the following Sunday, but of late I have switched to small enamel pins which are worn year-round on my coat collar. That's quite separate from putting money in a collecting tin, which of course I do every year.
  10. Unknown French war medal, any help?

    To which French medal do you refer? (There are 2 on the bar.) I take it you mean the last one, which is probably one of the quasi-official ones the French are very fond of, the wording of which suggests an organisation working with prisoners of war providing education/welfare services. The other, on the white ribbon with tricolour edge, is the Médaille de la Reconnaissance Française in silver (Medal of French Recognition) awarded for services to war casualties.
  11. new member here- hello!

    Best ribbon resources online are Lukasz Gaszewski's Ribbons of Orders and Decorations of the World and Antonio Prieto Barrio's Cintas de Condecoraciones
  12. INDIA -- Videsh Seva Medal

    Sahil, as I am a friend of Ed Haynes, I've told him about what you have been writing here. He can be a bit erratic in his responsiveness but hopefully he'll surface soon and talk to you.
  13. All I know about this one is that it was instituted on 25 November 1901 with the name of Medalla de la guardia nacional in three classes (gold, silver, and bronze).
  14. Fascinating stuff, thank you for sharing Emmanuel. Nice day out for the Sultan and his mates