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  1. new member here- hello!

    Best ribbon resources online are Lukasz Gaszewski's Ribbons of Orders and Decorations of the World and Antonio Prieto Barrio's Cintas de Condecoraciones
  2. INDIA -- Videsh Seva Medal

    Sahil, as I am a friend of Ed Haynes, I've told him about what you have been writing here. He can be a bit erratic in his responsiveness but hopefully he'll surface soon and talk to you.
  3. All I know about this one is that it was instituted on 25 November 1901 with the name of Medalla de la guardia nacional in three classes (gold, silver, and bronze).
  4. Fascinating stuff, thank you for sharing Emmanuel. Nice day out for the Sultan and his mates

    That's the style awarded during WW2.
  6. It's got a rather Imperial feel to it... good-looking beast!
  7. Rats! That's a shame...
  8. Medals for generals...

  9. Excellent.... many congratulations on netting the elusive beastie!
  10. Malawi Medals

    Nice, Ilya - but it ought to be on a dark blue ribbon with white edges, the dark red ribbon is for army awards. This one was awarded during the presidencey of Joyce Banda (no relation to H.K. Banda!) who held office 2012-2014. First one I've seen with her picture on it.
  11. Thank you, Nick, that's appreciated. Something to keep me busy
  12. Very nice, Nick, thank you for sharing. May I be cheeky and ask if you'd permit me to use these images (with acknowledgement, of course) on my website?
  13. New Order for Tonga

    Here's a recent picture of King Toupu VI, who was giving a speech to the Tongan parliament this week.
  14. I do hope the courage of ordinary people in the face of mindless criminality will be marked by awards - there are several stories worthy of at least a George Medal. However, I think we should consider the establishment of a terrorism-specific award on the lines of the Spanish Royal Order for Civil Recognition of the Victims of Terrorism (Real Orden de Reconocimiento Civil a las Víctimas del Terrorismo). Oddly enough a Spanish man who demonstrated great bravery by taking on one of the criminals with a skateboard and sadly lost his life has been awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit by his home nation instead.
  15. Nice! Thank you for sharing, Frank...