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  1. Yes, it's decidedly unusual to have crossed swords mounted this way! There's no maker's mark that I can see (Carsten Zeige Auction 59, 2018-03-24, lot 339 if anyone's interested) but it could be a foreign-made one commissioned by the recipient back home if, perhaps, he was German. Or it could indicate a civil award at a higher level than a previously-awarded military award of the Order. Some thoughts. Megan
  2. More fascinating pictures, thanks Paja. And I quite understand, if it's important to you to control your images then you sometimes need to take extreme measures! Thank you for the offer of unwatermarked pictures, if there's anything I want a closer look at I shall make a request.
  3. A fine array - you've been busy, Paja. Thank you for sharing... .. but, any chance you could make your watermarking a little less obtrusive. It gets hard to pick out detail in places, and is rather distracting.
  4. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Interesting - I knew the Order of Merit had changed design but not why... until now!
  5. Fascinating stuff... particularly as I have been working on the Romanian section of my website recently!
  6. ARAB MEDALS -- Oman

    I have it under Abu Dhabi, being awarded for 8 years' service in, as Owain says, the Abu Dhabi Defence Force. Nice picture... the image I have is, alas, without ribbon.
  7. You rang? Looks like the badge appendant from the chain Mnangagwe is wearing, which is the collar of the Zimbabwe Order of Merit - they use it as the President's badge of office. Red star, green wreath, gold centre motif; above is the arms of Zimbabwe: -
  8. Well, that's a fantastic website, to be sure. I'd found it last year but forgotten all about it!
  9. Nope, seems to be a random thing.... possibly different manufacturers?
  10. Why, thank you most kindly... yes, I could do with some images of the genuine beast! May I have your full name for the acknowledgements, please?
  11. The DFC ribbon is not normally worn with any adornment, certainly not a cloth rosette. If the recipient receives a 'second award' of the DFC, this is denoted by a bar on the ribbon when medals are worn and by a silver rosette when ribbons only are worn.
  12. Awards of Electronic Warfare Troops

    Thanks... I think I've got them sorted now Until the next one...
  13. Awards of Electronic Warfare Troops

    Thank you, Frank... more Russian goodies But where do they go in the order of precedence of Russian Ministry of Defence awards?
  14. Distinci?n "Aracelio Iglesias"

    Came across this: ... then found this thread when trying to figure out what it was. Any thoughts?