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  1. C'est magnifique, Hendrik - looking forwards to seeing more in due course. Must trundle off to reset links from my site!
  2. Hendrik has moved house and ISP (who hosted the site). He's rebuilding with the intention of posting elsewhere, but you can find the site via the Internet Archive, which imaged it after the last time he edited it. Here's the link:
  3. Nice... but I agree that those Decorations "For Merit in the Destruction of Chemical Weapons" look more like jewellry than awards! So I guess it's time to add even more stuff to various websites...
  4. Nice - thank you very much for those links!
  5. I'm just wondering where this ought to go on my website. It's not quite a NATO award, as it is conferred jointly by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania... yet those 3 are not giving it to their own forces only to people there on NATO service. So does it go in the NATO section? In the 3 baltic states' sections, or in those of the recipient nations (if I can find out all of who participated)? Any thoughts?
  6. Well, if you see any images on my site that would be of use, give me a shout and I shall send you the large high-quality versions...
  7. Impressive site with good images and excellent information. I'll link to it from my Bulgarian section...
  8. Fascinating stuff, Emmanuel, thank you for sharing!
  9. It was awarded for services rendered during the war against France It had 3 classes: Grand Cross, Knight 1st Class and Knight 2nd Class, but it appears only an undifferentiated Knight was ever made/awarded. The ribbon is a reddish-purple with white edge stripes. The first type of badge (1814) is described as a Brabant cross (the trefoil ends one), the second type is a German cross, issued in 1815. Awards ceased in 1816, with there being some 147 awards in total. Sorry, that's all I have to contribute!
  10. Of course Megan will!!!
  11. Top left: fairly general 'Russia' SSI. Top right: MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs) - this patch is worn by police officers. Bottom one: Refers to a city called Stavropol, which was founded in 1777. The badge shows the city's coat of arms.
  12. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge - in fact, all 3 grades (Basic, Senior and Master) Senior EOD: star in the centre of the bomb. Master EOD: star & wreath above the bomb. The Basic badge is awarded some 18-24 months of service after completing EOD training. The Senior one is awarded after 3-5 years as an EOD specialist, and Master after 7-15 years usually in a senior/supervisory role. It was created in the 1950s and is currently awarded - all services use an identical design.
  13. My notes say that it was awarded to all living members of the Royal Household on 10 May 1934. Still looking for a good picture of the beast for my website...
  14. If you want to know more about the medal itself, try Knights of Orange: Orders of the Netherlands by Antti Ruokonen.