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  1. Beautiful images, but as Paja says, identifying them would be helpful - I know most of them, but Albanian ODM are fairly obscure...
  2. Remembrance Day _ Protocols - Comments

    In UK Churches, it is common to observe a 2-minute silence at 11am on the Sunday next after 11 November (unless 11 November is a Sunday, when that will do). There is a growing tendency to observe a 2-minute silence at 11am on 11 November whatever day it falls upon (in the University where I work they sound the fire alarm, having pre-announced that they will do so). As for poppies, they seem to appear earlier and earlier every year. The BBC mandates that presenters wear them from mid-October, which is a bit ridiculous. I used to wear them only on 11 November and the following Sunday, but of late I have switched to small enamel pins which are worn year-round on my coat collar. That's quite separate from putting money in a collecting tin, which of course I do every year.
  3. Unknown French war medal, any help?

    To which French medal do you refer? (There are 2 on the bar.) I take it you mean the last one, which is probably one of the quasi-official ones the French are very fond of, the wording of which suggests an organisation working with prisoners of war providing education/welfare services. The other, on the white ribbon with tricolour edge, is the Médaille de la Reconnaissance Française in silver (Medal of French Recognition) awarded for services to war casualties.
  4. I have turned my attention to the Kingdom of Portugal pre-1910... but I am in need of help! I have a vast array of images courtesy of our friends at Morton & Eden (check out their Auction #77 if you like Portugese stuff!) and I'm trying to get them sorted into some semblance of order for my website. Does anyone know of an order of precedence for them? So far I know about: - Order of Christ - 2 divisions Civil and Military, quite different badges. Order of Aviz - Type 1 and Type 2 (1894-1910) Order of the Tower and Sword - Type 1 (1808-1834), Type 2 (1834 to 'mid-19th C.') and Type 3 (from this 'mid-19th C. to 1910) Order of St James of the Sword - Type 1 and Type 2, no dates known. Order of Vila Viçosa Civil Order of Agricultural and Industrial Merit - with Agricultural and Industrial divisions. Peninsular War Cross, 1808-14 - Military and Civil, each with varying numbers of years of service. Montevideo Star, 1822-1823 Montevideo Cross, 1822-1823 - in gold and silver. Bravery Medal of the Trasmontana Division, 1823 - Type 1 and Type 2 Medal for Loyalty to King & Country - 3 Types, at least the Type 3 one has gold and silver medals. As Chagas De Lamego Medal, 1825 Campaign of Liberty Medal, 1826-1834 - Type 1 and Type 2, each as Civil and Military versions. Maria II Loyalty Medal, 1833 Spanish Auxiliaries Medal, 1835-7 - 3 types. Maria II Cross Maria II Merit Medal of Philanthropy and Generosity - silver. Yellow Fever Medal, 1858 - silver. Angolan Expedition, 1860 - in silver and bronze (? gold as well) Military Medal for Valour, 1863 - Naval and Army Types, gold and silver (maybe a bronze as well?) Exemplary Conduct Medal, 1863 - Naval and Army Types, each in gold, silver and bronze. Good Service Medal, 1863 - Naval and Army Types, with silver and bronze known for each, maybe also in gold. Medal for Overseas Service, 1891 - in silver and bronze (also gold?) Overseas Distinguished Service Medal, 1891 - in silver and bronze (maybe also gold?) Assiduous Overseas Services, 1891 - in gold, silver and bronze. Coronation of King Carlos Medal, 1889 Postal & Telegraphic Merit Medal, 1898 - in gold, silver and bronze. State Railway Merit Medal, 1902 - in gold, silver and bronze. Queen Amelia Medal, 1894-96 - for service in Angola, India (silver and bronze), Mozambique (bronze) and Nyassa. Overseas Campaign Medal, 1896-1910 - silver and bronze. Queen Amelia Naval Review Medal, 1907 - silver and bronze. Royal Institute for Lifesaving (RISM), 1903, Subscriber's medal in silver and bronze Royal Institute for Lifesaving (RISM), 1903, Lifesaver's medal in bronze (may be others). Can anyone help in terms of grades, dates, terms of award of the above, or any other medals I need to include?
  5. new member here- hello!

    Best ribbon resources online are Lukasz Gaszewski's Ribbons of Orders and Decorations of the World and Antonio Prieto Barrio's Cintas de Condecoraciones
  6. INDIA -- Videsh Seva Medal

    Sahil, as I am a friend of Ed Haynes, I've told him about what you have been writing here. He can be a bit erratic in his responsiveness but hopefully he'll surface soon and talk to you.
  7. All I know about this one is that it was instituted on 25 November 1901 with the name of Medalla de la guardia nacional in three classes (gold, silver, and bronze).
  8. Fascinating stuff, thank you for sharing Emmanuel. Nice day out for the Sultan and his mates

    That's the style awarded during WW2.
  10. It's got a rather Imperial feel to it... good-looking beast!
  11. Rats! That's a shame...
  12. Medals for generals...

  13. Excellent.... many congratulations on netting the elusive beastie!
  14. Malawi Medals

    Nice, Ilya - but it ought to be on a dark blue ribbon with white edges, the dark red ribbon is for army awards. This one was awarded during the presidencey of Joyce Banda (no relation to H.K. Banda!) who held office 2012-2014. First one I've seen with her picture on it.
  15. Inspired by Paja's recent post on the FRY Medal of Philanthropy (and his kindness in giving me permission to use the images, followed by a lot more information!), I have been having a delve into the ODM of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in general. The complete set was instituted in a single law, the Law on Decorations of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, 4 December 1998, a copy of which I have found online: http://www.podaci.net/_z1/3119776/Z-odliko02v9859-0121.html (in Serbian, of course). This lists all the orders, decorations and medals with the number of classes and what they were awarded for, but does not describe them. Paja tells me that there is a booklet that contains the law plus illustrations, and I think that I have found at least some of the pictures online. These are not up the the quality that I like for my website but at least give me an idea of what I am looking for! The interesting thing is that many of the names of orders are the same (or similar) to those used by communist Yugoslavia (the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to give it its full name), and from what I can make out of the images the design has not changed greatly either. The Communist Yugoslavian designs were not as overtly 'communist' as many of the Eastern Bloc ones, which helps, and it seems that in many cases the main change has been to replace the state coat-of-arms with the new one (and that often on the reverse!). I'll post what I have, with apologies for the quality, and ask that everyone look out for better pictures for me :)
  16. Thank you, Nick, that's appreciated. Something to keep me busy
  17. Very nice, Nick, thank you for sharing. May I be cheeky and ask if you'd permit me to use these images (with acknowledgement, of course) on my website?
  18. New Order for Tonga

    Here's a recent picture of King Toupu VI, who was giving a speech to the Tongan parliament this week.
  19. I do hope the courage of ordinary people in the face of mindless criminality will be marked by awards - there are several stories worthy of at least a George Medal. However, I think we should consider the establishment of a terrorism-specific award on the lines of the Spanish Royal Order for Civil Recognition of the Victims of Terrorism (Real Orden de Reconocimiento Civil a las Víctimas del Terrorismo). Oddly enough a Spanish man who demonstrated great bravery by taking on one of the criminals with a skateboard and sadly lost his life has been awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit by his home nation instead.
  20. Nice! Thank you for sharing, Frank...
  21. Medals for generals...

    Thanks for the information, Frank. Never mind the CIA, I'm interested
  22. I have recently been looking at the Republic of Andorra's orders, decorations and medals, not that there is much to be found There's an Order of Charlemagne (instituted 2007) so not many awarded yet and certainly none escaped to places where I find my images. There is or was an Order of Merit, commander's badges pop up occasionally but I cannot find any details about when it was instituted, if it got discontinued and what you get it for... or even what other grades there were aside from the commander. Then I've found: - Medal of Commercial and Industrial Merit Medal for Professional Merit in the Traffic Police, in 3 classes Medal for Service in the Traffic Police, in 3 classes for 15, 20 and 25 years. And that's all I have found... and virtually no images except Commander of the Order of Merit and Ilja Repetski has a Medal of Commercial and Industrial Merit on his site. I've tried filling out the contact form on the government website, but no response as yet. Anything anyone here can contribute?
  23. I'd agree: St Michael and St George.