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  1. A bit of background for you. As you know, a Guardsman has no insignia on his tunic. A Lance Corporal in the Guards has 2 white stripes on his sleeve. Everywhere else in the British Army, a Lance Corporal has a single stripe. It's said that Queen Victoria declared that no man with a single stripe on his tunic would guard her, so the Guards Lance Corporals got an extra stripe. Of course, this posed a bit of a problem, because 2 stripes normally means a Corporal. Three stripes mean a Sergeant. So the Guards instituted the rank of Lance Sergeant and gave him 3 white stripes, like the one Graf has. A Guards Sergeant has 3 GOLD stripes on his sleeve. Colour Sergeants have an actual picture of a standard (colour)... and the Regimental Sergeant Major has a huge Royal coat-of-arms on his sleeve!
  2. Mali

    National Order Instituted: 31 May 1963. Awarded: In recognition of exceptional service to the state. Grades: 5 (Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight). Here is the Commander:
  3. Yes, it's decidedly unusual to have crossed swords mounted this way! There's no maker's mark that I can see (Carsten Zeige Auction 59, 2018-03-24, lot 339 if anyone's interested) but it could be a foreign-made one commissioned by the recipient back home if, perhaps, he was German. Or it could indicate a civil award at a higher level than a previously-awarded military award of the Order. Some thoughts. Megan
  4. More fascinating pictures, thanks Paja. And I quite understand, if it's important to you to control your images then you sometimes need to take extreme measures! Thank you for the offer of unwatermarked pictures, if there's anything I want a closer look at I shall make a request.
  5. A fine array - you've been busy, Paja. Thank you for sharing... .. but, any chance you could make your watermarking a little less obtrusive. It gets hard to pick out detail in places, and is rather distracting.
  6. ARAB MEDALS -- Syria

    Interesting - I knew the Order of Merit had changed design but not why... until now!
  7. Fascinating stuff... particularly as I have been working on the Romanian section of my website recently!
  8. ARAB MEDALS -- Oman

    I have it under Abu Dhabi, being awarded for 8 years' service in, as Owain says, the Abu Dhabi Defence Force. Nice picture... the image I have is, alas, without ribbon.
  9. You rang? Looks like the badge appendant from the chain Mnangagwe is wearing, which is the collar of the Zimbabwe Order of Merit - they use it as the President's badge of office. Red star, green wreath, gold centre motif; above is the arms of Zimbabwe: -
  10. Well, that's a fantastic website, to be sure. I'd found it last year but forgotten all about it!
  11. Nope, seems to be a random thing.... possibly different manufacturers?
  12. Why, thank you most kindly... yes, I could do with some images of the genuine beast! May I have your full name for the acknowledgements, please?
  13. Anamnestikon Sema tes Hekatontaeteridos tes Hellenikes Dynasteias Instituted: 30 March 1963. Awarded: To guests at the anniversary celebrations in Athens and to those related to the Greek royal house.
  14. The DFC ribbon is not normally worn with any adornment, certainly not a cloth rosette. If the recipient receives a 'second award' of the DFC, this is denoted by a bar on the ribbon when medals are worn and by a silver rosette when ribbons only are worn.
  15. Awards of Electronic Warfare Troops

    Thanks... I think I've got them sorted now Until the next one...
  16. Awards of Electronic Warfare Troops

    Thank you, Frank... more Russian goodies But where do they go in the order of precedence of Russian Ministry of Defence awards?
  17. Distinci?n "Aracelio Iglesias"

    Came across this: ... then found this thread when trying to figure out what it was. Any thoughts?
  18. Cholera Medal 1865

    Just the silver medal.
  19. Swedish Vaasa-orden

    I have a few pictures here: http://medals.org.uk/sweden/sweden004.htm There are also some here: http://www.omsa.org/images/?parent=881 Dealers you could try include eMedals - see https://www.emedals.com/europe/sweden/orders/order-of-vasa Examples quite often show up at auction too...
  20. Beautiful images, but as Paja says, identifying them would be helpful - I know most of them, but Albanian ODM are fairly obscure...
  21. Remembrance Day _ Protocols - Comments

    In UK Churches, it is common to observe a 2-minute silence at 11am on the Sunday next after 11 November (unless 11 November is a Sunday, when that will do). There is a growing tendency to observe a 2-minute silence at 11am on 11 November whatever day it falls upon (in the University where I work they sound the fire alarm, having pre-announced that they will do so). As for poppies, they seem to appear earlier and earlier every year. The BBC mandates that presenters wear them from mid-October, which is a bit ridiculous. I used to wear them only on 11 November and the following Sunday, but of late I have switched to small enamel pins which are worn year-round on my coat collar. That's quite separate from putting money in a collecting tin, which of course I do every year.
  22. Unknown French war medal, any help?

    To which French medal do you refer? (There are 2 on the bar.) I take it you mean the last one, which is probably one of the quasi-official ones the French are very fond of, the wording of which suggests an organisation working with prisoners of war providing education/welfare services. The other, on the white ribbon with tricolour edge, is the Médaille de la Reconnaissance Française in silver (Medal of French Recognition) awarded for services to war casualties.
  23. I have turned my attention to the Kingdom of Portugal pre-1910... but I am in need of help! I have a vast array of images courtesy of our friends at Morton & Eden (check out their Auction #77 if you like Portugese stuff!) and I'm trying to get them sorted into some semblance of order for my website. Does anyone know of an order of precedence for them? So far I know about: - Order of Christ - 2 divisions Civil and Military, quite different badges. Order of Aviz - Type 1 and Type 2 (1894-1910) Order of the Tower and Sword - Type 1 (1808-1834), Type 2 (1834 to 'mid-19th C.') and Type 3 (from this 'mid-19th C. to 1910) Order of St James of the Sword - Type 1 and Type 2, no dates known. Order of Vila Viçosa Civil Order of Agricultural and Industrial Merit - with Agricultural and Industrial divisions. Peninsular War Cross, 1808-14 - Military and Civil, each with varying numbers of years of service. Montevideo Star, 1822-1823 Montevideo Cross, 1822-1823 - in gold and silver. Bravery Medal of the Trasmontana Division, 1823 - Type 1 and Type 2 Medal for Loyalty to King & Country - 3 Types, at least the Type 3 one has gold and silver medals. As Chagas De Lamego Medal, 1825 Campaign of Liberty Medal, 1826-1834 - Type 1 and Type 2, each as Civil and Military versions. Maria II Loyalty Medal, 1833 Spanish Auxiliaries Medal, 1835-7 - 3 types. Maria II Cross Maria II Merit Medal of Philanthropy and Generosity - silver. Yellow Fever Medal, 1858 - silver. Angolan Expedition, 1860 - in silver and bronze (? gold as well) Military Medal for Valour, 1863 - Naval and Army Types, gold and silver (maybe a bronze as well?) Exemplary Conduct Medal, 1863 - Naval and Army Types, each in gold, silver and bronze. Good Service Medal, 1863 - Naval and Army Types, with silver and bronze known for each, maybe also in gold. Medal for Overseas Service, 1891 - in silver and bronze (also gold?) Overseas Distinguished Service Medal, 1891 - in silver and bronze (maybe also gold?) Assiduous Overseas Services, 1891 - in gold, silver and bronze. Coronation of King Carlos Medal, 1889 Postal & Telegraphic Merit Medal, 1898 - in gold, silver and bronze. State Railway Merit Medal, 1902 - in gold, silver and bronze. Queen Amelia Medal, 1894-96 - for service in Angola, India (silver and bronze), Mozambique (bronze) and Nyassa. Overseas Campaign Medal, 1896-1910 - silver and bronze. Queen Amelia Naval Review Medal, 1907 - silver and bronze. Royal Institute for Lifesaving (RISM), 1903, Subscriber's medal in silver and bronze Royal Institute for Lifesaving (RISM), 1903, Lifesaver's medal in bronze (may be others). Can anyone help in terms of grades, dates, terms of award of the above, or any other medals I need to include?