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  1. You charmer Norm. Lol. Nice OPW Igor and a cool write up!
  2. Article 43 is being retired for medical reason. If I remember rightly 43, A was Hypertension. Cheers, Tom
  3. Very interesting! Will the BMs & CSM all be unnumbered pieces?
  4. Viva la research! Nothing quite beats the moment "the email" arrives!
  5. Thanks Auke, I think I'll probably try that next and if it comes back negative, try a different award! Tom
  6. I have Red Star 3666016, do you think its worth a shot at something interesting post war? Tom
  7. Awesome. I've never seen anything like that before. It seems odd that they wouldn't just give a RBOL or BOH, i'm intrigued to learn more!
  8. I saw this award. I wish so much i had seen it an hour our so earlier and i would have bought it myself. Glad to see it went to an appreciative collector though. If you ever want to trade or sell it, Paul, please look me up
  9. Personally, i think the increase was partly due to the way the war started going from 1943 onwards. Pushing the Germans back through eastern Europe, not as "on the ropes" any more. Also, i think awards must have been used in some way as a morale booster during the bloody campaigns and battles of the push towards Germany. "Comrades our losses have been many but private look how brave and courageous comrade x has been in his fight for our motherland, URA!" These are just my opinions though :-)
  10. Auke, Have you compared the reults of the posthumous awards per year to number of reported KIA's per year to see if there is any correlation there? Awardings of everything rockedted in 1943 though didnt it? I mean, they even had to bring in the Order of Glory etc as well! I have myself gathered information on labour award volumes during the post war years, trying to map fluctuations in awarding and seeing if there is any correlation to Socio-economic factors of the age. Thats a topic for another day though! Cheers, Tom
  11. redoctober


    I love this award. Such a cool write up!
  12. Eric got it. Early Red Banner, Combat Services Medal, Defence of the Caucasus Medal The badge looks like a parachutist badge to me but there are so many types of parachutist badge that it would be incredibly hard to tell which one without a better photo.
  13. Awesome! Regarding his party membership, i believe that one of the reasons lots of people joined the party is that your family would be informed if you were KIA. Id think it unusual that a non party member would have been NKVD, but there you go! Thanks for sharing. Tom
  14. redoctober

    Question about a Soviet badge

    Its nice, Any chance of a shot without the screwplate? Tom