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  1. thanks. any idea why my tirad pass medal was double struck? do you think it is an error strike? any comment is welcomed
  2. here are the pictures of my tirad pass medal and phil. independence day medal sponsored by the japanese oct. 1943. enjoy
  3. dark i recently purchased two significant medals struck during the japanese occupation of the philippine islands. a tirad pass medal and an extremely rare philippine independence day medal dated oct. 1943 with philippine flag ribbon made of abaca and the red part of the flag facing right (meaning in the islands was still in a state of war). my tirad pass medal seems to be double struck with the word "patria" struck twice. seems like an error strike (?). i was informed that the medals came from the hidalgo collection. i will try to post pictures as soon as i learn how to post pictures in this forum (i'm not good with computers). any idea how much they are worth in today's market? ( i purchased the 2 medals by impulse knowing their historical significance)
  4. snowpie

    Philippine Medal of Valor

    the phil. medal of valor was changed to a neck decoration sometime between 1946 to 1949. currently the MOV has been changed from a neck decoration to a sash and breast star by the armed forces of the philippines sometime in 2010. i am writing a book on philippine medals and an expert in the philippine medal of valor (MOV). pls feel free to ask me any questions on phiippine medals and state decorations.