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  1. Thank you gentlemen for your help. Here’s a better picture of the mm
  2. Hello, thank you for your replies. Yes, it does have a maker's mark on the lower arm. I can't tell if the swords are screwed into the body, but they appear to be hollow pieces joined together. There is a seam on the hilt. Thanks again...
  3. Ok thank you very much Alex K. It comes with the black and white ribbon like the ek2. Any idea about the period. is it pre-ww1 or a wartime piece?
  4. Hello, I just want to kindly ask for the opinions from the more knowledgeable people here about the following piece. What is it? Is it authentic? What period? etc. Many thanks in advance!
  5. Hey Stogieman, What is your opinion on this badge? http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=9936...amp;#entry96197 Thanks,
  6. This was sold at Hermann Historica and it shows the correct Sword & Date Clasp to the Oval Duke Carl Edward Medal. Richthofen?s had the date 11 / 11 and the year 1917
  7. I took this photo of MvR medals displayed in San Diego Air & Space Museum ten years ago! The EK 1 was there but not in the most recent photo. What happened? Missing: Bravery Order 4th Class 1st degree ? Bulgaria Military Merit Order ?W?rttemberg Sword & Date Clasp to the Oval Duke Carl Edward Medal Incorrect: What is the War Merit Cross from Lippe doing on this order bar?
  8. Hi Daniel, Indeed you had a beautiful display. You were missing some awards though. I have almost completed mine. I have the Imtiaz medal in silver and the ribbon bar, although my medals are not mounted. I will never get the the Duke Carl Eduard banderole clasp wit the 11 / 11 / 16 date however... Here is Real Thing as displayed in 1925..... Here is former Neal W O'Connors as it is displayed now in Berlin (note Bavarian Military Merit Order 3rd. Class with crown and incorrect swords clasp for the Ovale Duke Carl Eduard) Here is San Diegos Air&Space Museum (pretty innacurate and a lot of missing awards. PLM is Rothe) At some time this was burned during a Museum's fire and the badge was sent to Rothe for repairs.
  9. ORIGINAL RED BARON PILOTS PRUSIAN LEGENDARY BADGE............................. Q: What proof is there of it belonging to the Red Baron? Aug-19-06 A: it is not belong to red baron it is the same model that used the red baron but the medal are ww1 period, thank you Q: Is this the actual pilot's badge worn by the red baron? Is yes, how do you know this? Aug-23-06 A: NOT IT IS NOT THE RED BARON BADGE IT IS THE BADGE OF THE PILOTS OF WWI WHO FOUGHT WHIT THE RED BARON SCUADRON Perhaps, it was Wolf's badge, maybe Allmenroder's. I wonder why this bargain did not sell? What joke!
  10. Look at this engraved Pilot?s badge being offered at ebay. Engraved pilots badge In my opinion this badge is a fake.
  11. Thanks Dan and John for both your comments. I personally feel the badge is good. However, I would certainly like to hear more opinions. I followed the link provided by John and it doesn?t shed much light about my piece. It was interesting, however, to follow Les and Stogieman?s discussion about the pilot award with flags under the crown, specifically about the existence and usage of such an award. Les provided a photo of an aviator wearing one. I know of a couple more photographs of airmen wearing that award. Most particularly is that of the well known German ace, Otto Kissenberth. Unfortunately, the pictures are not good, but one can clearly see the Austrian pilot badge with flags pinned on his uniform. It must be kept in mind that he died in August of 1919, and that he is not wearing a wound badge. Hence, this award was a wartime piece. Now the question if it was an official award or a privately and specially "adorned" piece, is another matter. It is hard to believe, however, that O. Kissenberth wore an "unofficial" decoration during wartime.....??????? Thanks
  12. Hello. This is my first posting here. I would like to ask for your expert opinion on the following piece: It is an Austrian Pilot Badge, hallmarked J.ZIMBLER, WIEN VII. It is made out of bronze and fire-gilt. Is this piece good or bad? When was it made? Front Back Detail: A two piece badge. The arrows point to the seam separating the enameled top from the base. Thanks for your opinions
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