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  1. Hello Chris, Congratulations to your officers' body ring. You are really the Lord of the Rings. My grandfather was 1917 when he was transferred by the 11th company ILR, yes also for a few days still active in the 12th Company. In his supplementary sheet of the military passport. Submissions inFeb. 1918. Is even the signature of the company commander. Lieutenant and company commander Schoerner Best greetings from Bavaria Hackei
  2. Hello all together, I'm new here. My name is Hackei (Martin Schild ) I'm from Bavaria a very interesting side post in the forum My grandfather also true in the Bavarian Infantry Body Regement (1916/17 in Romania) and I am looking for an edelweiss on Alpine Corps. I observed last year in the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt and took the photos. Greetings from Bavaria Hackei