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  1. Reyes

    Waterloo Medal

    Spaz, Thanks for your help -- with the help of my wife I figured out that you were referring to website "findmypast". She picked up on it pretty quick so it was me, not you. Now the search begins. Thanks again for ur help -- And hey mate, thanks for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and many others from UK. Bud
  2. Reyes

    Waterloo Medal

    Spaz I'm not sure what you meant in the 2nd line of last post (Find my past website has the roll - you can buy access on a pay as you go basis.). What is the name of the website you refer to -- or, is it yours?? Bud
  3. Reyes

    Waterloo Medal

    Spaz -- thank you for the reply and fascinating information. What source did you use for information. Did Richard Smith's name appear in Captain Pike's company? Bud
  4. Reyes

    Waterloo Medal

    Gentlemen -- I have a Waterloo Medal that I wish to determine the authenticity of. The medal was given to me by an uncle who fought in Germany in WWII. Until a couple of months ago I thought it was just some commemorative coin of little value. After doing a little research I have reason to believe that it may be an autheWaterloo Medal June 18, 1815.pdfntic Waterloo Medal. In an attempt to authenticate it, three months ago I sent the Royal Mint Museum pictures of the medal (see attached images) requesting verification of the name encrypted on it in the museum's original Waterloo Roll Call. A day after I sent the request I received a standard reply stating that one of their team members would be in touch with me shortly -- a month ago I sent a second request asking for the status of my original inquiry but the museum did not reply. The name engraved on the outer edge of the medal is Richard Smith, 2nd BATT, 73rd REG, FOOT. Could you please tell me if there is another way(s) to authenticate the medal? Sincerely, Sgt. USMC Retired Waterloo Medal June 18, 1815.pdf