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  1. Thanks for this info. I got his Division and leaving date wrong so no JTR connection probably. I'll look into Charles Enticknap but I do not think he's from my family. Not such an uncommon name, plenty of them in Surrey and Sussex. Onc e again, many thanks.
  2. Hello, I am new to this site so hope I am in the right place and not wasting everybody's time. My interest was aroused by the discussions around the Jubilee medal of 1887. My family history enquiries have uncovered the fact that my Great Grandfather was in the Metropolitan Police 1885 to 1889. His name was George Enticknap and I think he was in J Division, though this is from memory as I have unfortunately lost my research notes. Would he have been awarded the Jubilee medal just for serving or was it for acts of valour or something similar? I thinkhe resigned in 1889. Was this a euphamism for being sacked? How might I find out more about this period of his life. Any information would be gratefully received, or perhaps redirect me to other sources. I have photos of his wife and children but regrettably none of him. Any chance of a photo in the police archives? The idea that he was active during the Jack the Ripper period is intriguing but I'll probably never know the extent of this.