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  1. I somehow became the owner of this lovely photograph, I do not collect such items but thought the members of this thread may like to see it. I assume it is an in memoriam card of some description but is not the usual type as it is a card cabinet photo. I hope it is of interest Peter
  2. Just my luck but will content myself with thought that the badge was possibly worn by one of the above. Thank you so much for your kind and informative help. Regards Peter
  3. Odin, Many thanks for you efforts on my behalf but my mans number is W 16 the photo is a little distorted but the original is clearly W16. I am much obliged for your help. and overawed by the information you have. Again Many thanks Peter
  4. A bit of a Forlorn Hope but I was hoping that a clued up Metropolitan Police Collector Member of Forum may be able to put a name to this Sergeant. The items were purchased in Bognor Regis. Due to the Lack of WW1 or Coronation Medals I would tentatively say it is probably circa 1910 to 1930 ish (I Stand to be corrected of course) Here's hoping Regards Peter
  5. Hi Simon, The rear of the badge is very difficult to make out but having enlisted the help of a pair of young eyes the badge reads : On horseshoe fitting Reg.638232 Around top Reg. em 833656 Around bottom Thomas Fattorini Bolton Hope this helps as I don't think badge will scan too well. This badge was in a Princess Mary WWI box with a 1914-15 Trio (Coldstream Guards) and Lverpool City Police medals, to Wilfred Clarke HARE, who was from the North East but joined Liverpool City Police 1912, joined Army at outbreak of war (Maybe recalled to Colours) rejoined Police as Constable 105"B" after being wounded and discharged (correct Wound Badge with Group) He was not a Striker as he retired on 25/1/1937 after 25 years service but may have been a NUPPO member. Who knows he may have been one of the 50 "Lost Sheep" who returned to the fold before the deadline set by the Watch Committee thus escaping the fate of approx. 955 colleagues who were cast into the wilderness of unemployment. Wilfred passed away on 17/12/1966 aged 75 years. Hope of interest Peter
  6. Thanks Fellas, Simon, It is at present in a frame but it has a horse shoe fitting and is a lapel badge. I will have a look to see if it is named and " Attempt" to scan and post an image. I do know of several relatives of strikers who wear a NUPPO badge in honour of their forebear. Peter
  7. Many years ago when trawling through Antique or Junk shops it was not uncommon to come across a NUPPO badge, usually accompanying Police Badges or Medals. Not so these days as the badges seldom come to light but do appear from time to time on e-bay. I think that Metropolitan Police, Birmingham City, Birkenhead or Liverpool Police Medal/s to a Striker would be enhanced with the display of a Badge that signifies the sacrifice that came with Loyalty to the National Union Of Police and Prison Officers. Peter
  8. The surname Ind is not a common name and I thought it may be worth you researching Alfred Ernest Ind who won a VC during the boer war. He was born 1872 in Tetbury, Gloucestershire which is only 40 miles from Wooton Bassett, Wilts,the birthplace of William Ind. There may be a family connection perhaps.
  9. Constble 72"A" of the Liverpool Police posing for the Camera on Lime Street " with his donkeys breakfast" during the Transport Strike of 1911. Members of the Birmingham City Police marching towards St Georges Hall to take up positions, shortly after rioting broke out and terrible injuries sustained by both Police and Transport strikers/supporters alike. A KPM was won that day by a Birmingham Constable who went to the aid of an isolated and badly injured Birmingham Superintendent. The Constable was severely injured too.
  10. In the Liverpool Police the straw helmets were known as " A Donkeys Breakfast "
  11. Thanks BJOW, very interesting and informative, I am most grateful for your help. Regards Peter
  12. BJOW, Many thanks for the information. Regards Peter
  13. Can anyone assist with information on a PC W(illiam) PIPER, "E" Division Metropolitan Police. He is entitled to an 1887 Jubilee medal. That's all I know at present. Thanks Peter (Deelibob)
  14. Hello Peter

    Im hoping that you may have information regarding my uncle Albert Conquest. I understand from your post that you have his medals in your collection. Do you know of any detailed report of the incident, or anything else of interest? 

    Im planning a visit to his gravesite in the near future and would like to know a little more about his life.

    All the best


    1. Deelibob


      Hello Sally,

      The only info I had I posted on site. There is information on the Armed Forces Memorial ( If I remember correctly) Sadly I no longer hold the medals as I sold them along with the rest of my collection. I was later contacted by a collector via this site, he had purchased them. He is a member of this club but I cannot remember his details. I can tell you that the group of medals consists solely of his KPM,BEM and Colonial MSM. The others I had put A War Medal, Defence Medal and Palestine Medal with the group to complete the correct group however these were copies and were no longer with the group when I sold it. I think if you put out a general request via this site the current custodian may well contact you.

      Sorry I cannot help further but wish you well in your quest.



  15. Hi Peter

    The bottom line is that BTP will not reissue the medal, as the government do not do it. There are a number of licenced medal suppliers who for around £50 can supply an engraved medal. If the family wishes to pursue that then I am told that BTP may organise an official presentation of the medal to the family, probably in Liverpool. I await the decision.

    Best wishes


    1. Deelibob


      Thanks Steve,

      I have contacted Mandy (The Grandaughter) and await reply, but she will probably go for it. Will keep you posted.Thanks for everything.

    2. Polsa999


      Hi Peter

      Did I give you my email? sb@essenjay.com

      Hope Mandy appreciates the 'politics' of it all.

      Best wishes