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  1. Going through some passes I have found this....underlined....RIR 213 was with 89 infantry brigade which was part of 207 division, 5th Army...would he have been part of Sturmbattalion 5 ?
  2. Yes just being lazy with my typing....good point
  3. I think we have a wound badge but is the red writing an award? cheers, Paul
  4. Thanks Guys, appreciate it, so just the wound badge....
  5. Freikorps EK2 ?

    While the excepted dates of WW1 have been either based on the armistice 1914-18 or the Allied victory medal 1914-19, what is the German view...did the war officially end in the east with the treaty of Brest-Litovsk or were these actions decreed an extension of WW1?
  6. forgot to mention this came from the same source but believed to be un-related
  7. Couple from my collection, sadly nothing written on the backs
  8. Further to my research, he left an oral history with the Imperial War Museum http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80004177
  9. As ever welcome your thoughts, postcard, Militarpass and ID card, all from different people

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    Wanted pair of Friedens-uniform, Cuirassier Nr 5, epaulettes (NCO), white with pink piping yellow numbering for the attached tunic


  11. Originally posted in the Imperial section and thanks to Chris B,http://gmic.co.uk/forums/topic/65914-little-help-please-tamara-orden-rangliste-unit/ it appears Baron Walter Von Kutzchenbach served with Sonderverbande "Bergmann" he also married Olga, daughter of Feld marshal Paulus, it appears he was killed in action in 1944 (to be confirmed) I have found him in the book "Forgotten Legion", "Sonderverbande Bergmann", as Dr Oberlander's assistant (Sonderfuher) born in Tiblisi, spoke Caucasian and carried out selection of volunteers (noted as "Baron Walter Von Kutsenbach") Welcome your thoughts
  12. Small collection of insignia and books, has anyone any other bits to show?
  13. Still no joy with this one, so wondered if anyone could help further, maybe the signature on the replacement soldbuch? cannot believe there is not a photo out there? as ever many thanks for looking
  14. Found the book....guys spot on many thanks
  15. Possibly but looks to be the wrong shape
  16. Here are mine, be interested to see others and perhaps more complete, what was the criteria for these things and was there certificates, cheers, Paul