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  1. Love to see any photos....it was a "bring back"....you never know
  2. Help with ribbon

    Thanks for trying Hugh, got me stumped
  3. My thanks to Chris who has allowed me to be the next custodian of this tunic original details here http://gmic.co.uk/topic/41584-fantastic33-at-last33-my-cuff-rank-tunic/#comment-384558 William Arthur Burton OBE was born on April 27, 1882, in France. He had one son and one daughter with Jessica Bacon Krogstad between 1912 and 1914. He died on July 15, 1956, in Silverstone, Northamptonshire, at the age of 74. He enlisted in the militia (York and Lancaster regiment) in 1908 From August 1914 he was attached to the Ministry of Munitions in the USA... In 1916 he joined the Anglo-Russian Munitions committee... returned to the UK in May 1918 and released from the ministry of munitions. In June-July he was at Harrow doing an Intelligence officers Course until his deployment to France were he was desperately needed by GS (9) at HQ L of C (Lines of communication). He was a civil engineer, and munitions specialist. Fluent French, Italian, with smatterings of German and Russian. As a "Staff" member of the Intelligence Corps he would have worn "Green" gorgets which are missing (if anyone sees any please let me know)
  4. All kitted out, have decided to put a US "sam brown" as he spent most of the war in the US
  5. I guess this is the civilian version....?
  6. Infanterie-Regiment Markgraf Carl (7. Brandenburgisches) Nr. 60 hope you like it
  7. Same, but with eyes that go all around
  8. Another brave Gefreiter (Ober) this time with 2. Oberrheinische Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 99 and later in 1918, Mecklenburgisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 14, in 1924 he was serving with Reichswehr Infantry Regiments 6 I would assume with 14th Company which was formed from Grand Ducal Mecklenburg Jager Battalion No. 14, as ever welcome your thoughts, cheers, Paul
  9. Love to find a photo of Hauptmann d Landwehr Oscar Karl Wilhelm Gunther FAR 80 awarded for Cambrai 1918 or further details
  10. Here is a small group, welcome your thoughts, also any help with signatures and which (if correct) unit he won the EK1 with, as ever many thanks, Paul
  11. Cheers Dave, really appreciate this information, best regards, Paul
  12. Un-packing some of my collection, here is a set of documents to reserve Lieutenant of Reserve Infantry Regiment III/252, 76. Reserve-Division Kurt Wilhelm, later Battalion Adjutant Freikorps 2nd Landeschützen Brigade There are some documents relating to his one-year volunteer time. He saw action at Eastern and Western Front. According to a certificate of his Battalion commander he earned his EK1 "in a hail of bullets" . Since he was a native Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt he got the rare Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Cross of Honour 3. Class with swords. (According to his Kriegsstammrolle). In December 1918 he entered the Freikorps 2nd Landeschützen-Brigade: http://www.axishistory.com/axis-nations/36-germany/germany-freikorps/2215-freiwilligen-landesschuetzenkorps He took part in the following operations: Border Protection (12/12/18-14/12/18) Occupation of Berlin (11/01/19-21/01/19) Occupation of Bremen (06/02/19-19/02/19) Occupation of Wilhelmshaven (20/02/19-24/02/19) Protection of Ruhr coal mines (25/02/19-27/02/19) 1st Occupation of Düsseldorf (28/02/19-11/03/19) 2nd Occupation of Berlin (12/03/19-21/03/19) 2nd Occupation of Düsseldorf (05/04/19-08/06/19) Rest in the area eastern Magdeburg (09/06/19-29/06/19) According to a certificate of his Freikorps Battalion commander he did a great service as Battalion adjutant during the riots in Berlin, Bremen, Wilhelmshaven, Düsseldorf and Essen. I am sure there must be a photograph or period newspaper cutting of this gallant soldier....if anyone has the 76. Reserve-Division (Chronik 1914/1918) - Der erste Weltkrieg could they check for Ltn Wilhelm?
  13. Going through some passes I have found this....underlined....RIR 213 was with 89 infantry brigade which was part of 207 division, 5th Army...would he have been part of Sturmbattalion 5 ?
  14. Yes just being lazy with my typing....good point
  15. I think we have a wound badge but is the red writing an award? cheers, Paul