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  1. Thanks Glenn, was it usual to go from Artillery (one year volunteer) to commission in the Train and then to (Garde) Artillery ?....thats whats bothered me..
  2. So Far I have, 1908; Enlisted 3rd Grenadier Regiment 1914; Flieger-Ersatz-Abteilung 5 and Feld-Flieger-Abteilung 31 1915 Feld-Flieger-Abteilung 61 1916 Flieger-Beobachter-Schule ?? 1917 Jagdstaffel 30 1918 Freikorps, Grenzschutz Flieger-Abteilung Nr. 409 Thoughts...?
  3. Slight change in direction with this document, first to a "flyer" welcome your thoughts as to what I have, as ever thanks
  4. The soldier was a Gefreiter in the Schlachtfliegerstaffel 201. He entered the air force in 1914 at the Flieger-Abteilung 5. Later he served as an observer with the Jagdstaffel 30 commanded by flying ace 1st Lieutnant Hans Bethge (20 aerial victories). There he got both classes of the Iron Cross as Gefreiter! After the end of the war 1918 he entered the Aviator Freikorps (Grenzschutz-Flieger-Abteilung 409) then fighting in Upper Silesia and received both classes of the Silesian Eagle. Question, what awards for flying would he have? any other info as ever gratefully received
  5. Thanks, agree, just waiting for a new printer, will get them done asap
  6. 1930s still in its original packaging...I guess un-issued
  7. Wooden grave marker plaque, until a more permanent stone is in place?
  8. I have just obtained a large archive of the "Warnick" family part of which is a nice picture (first I have seen) of a trench cross bow...has anyone seen a real one? Friedrich Warnick, from Leuzdorf Schwabach Bayern (Bavaria),Bayer. Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 21 (Fürth)
  9. Can any one help with the unit, thanks, Paul
  10. Agree, great epaulettes , thanks for showing
  11. Can any one help with this badge, thanks, Paul
  12. Eric, Many thanks, Paul
  13. Mr P, Many thanks, Interesting had not thought it might be war time.....
  14. Just picked up a small collection of bayonets along with this, not seen one before......nice piece....welcome your thoughts if anyone has or knows of a scabbard please let me know
  15. Many thanks here is another photo from my collection
  16. Thanks for confirming his birth place, Canadian archives and UK differ on this, if you can add to the research or have any further photos it would be great...
  17. It's an EOD operation, not sure where!
  18. Hiding away on ebay.... named Major F.S.A Baker RAF...... So who was he....Major Frederick Spencer Arnold-Baker, late late Seaforth Highlanders, he became, Sir Frederick Spencer Arnold Baker, Senior Master, Central Office, Supreme Court of Judicature, and Queen's Remembrancer. Sir Frederick Spencer Arnold-Baker (born 1 April 1885) was the son of Frederick Arnold-Baker (born 30 Dec 1845) and Helen Catherine Nairne (born 1 Sept 1843), and grandson of the New Zealand water-colorist Major Richard Baker (1810–1854). Matriculated 1903. Oriel College, Greys Inn, Barrister, called to the bar 1909. He was the Queen's Remembrancer from 1951-1957 and Knighted in 1954. His uncle, General Sir Charles Edward Nairne, was Commander-in-Chief, India in 1898. He was a founder and the second President of the Lansdowne Club (1940–1954). Commissioned into the 3rd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, August 1914 and later served with the 2nd battalion, Captain Frederick Spencer Arnold Baker was Selected for duty in connection with Courts-Martial 30th June 1916. Captain (acting Major RAF 1918) staff officer second class (courts martial) He was noted as one of the courts martial officers for; Private Charles McColl, 1st/4th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment, shot at dawn, 28th December 1917 and; Private Albert Botfield 9th South Staffordshire Regiment, shot at dawn, 18th October 1916 Hopefully more to follow.....