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  1. Small collection of insignia and books, has anyone any other bits to show?
  2. Still no joy with this one, so wondered if anyone could help further, maybe the signature on the replacement soldbuch? cannot believe there is not a photo out there? as ever many thanks for looking
  3. Found the book....guys spot on many thanks
  4. Possibly but looks to be the wrong shape
  5. Here are mine, be interested to see others and perhaps more complete, what was the criteria for these things and was there certificates, cheers, Paul
  6. dante

    Gebirgs Division citations, Norway


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    Two KvK Citations to Oberstabsartz Dr Hans Trausner , KvK 2 Signature of General Ringel (Knights Cross) served Feldlazarett 68, 3. Gebirgs-Division, Norway/Narvik and KvK 1, while serving at Reservelazarett Idstein, Signature of General Walther Schroth (Knights Cross), Schroth served on the "Court of Military Honour," a drumhead court-martial that expelled many of the officers involved in the July 20 Plot from the Army before handing them over to the People's Court. Walther Schroth died in an auto accident in October 1944. $300



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    Interesting complete second issue Wehrpass to a German Count, awarded the EKI and noted Kampfgruppe Leader in the divisional history, served as commanding officer 6.Kp/PzRgt-15 (Graf Regiment)



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    Nice wehrpass, complete, Citations and driving licence, Killed in action with the 2./Panzer Jager Abt 20 (FP13874) who also served with the Kuban-Kosaken-Reiter-Regiment 4. $395 (plus postage if outside of the US)


  9. Sorry just being flippant, but it is a strange state of affairs not giving a medal
  10. Think that unlike Herrick and Telic they are going to see if we "win", having just (June) got back we will have a long wait!!! hope its ok to add this...open source http://www.ssrresourcecentre.org/2016/08/09/police-reform-in-iraq-challenges-and-lessons-learned-part-i/
  11. Just a thought what insignia did the German Polnische Wehrmacht wear from 1917-19 ?
  12. Thanks Gilles, this is the reverse of the picture
  13. I have the chance of a WW1 Bavarian pass to Grenzschutzbataillon Heiss and Grenzschutzkommando Schönsee, cannot find any details on these units, welcome any thoughts, information
  14. Excellent and many thanks, I have also confirm his service on the Bavarian state archives on Ancestry, guess my question is, would you class these units as "Freikorps" or traditional "Border Guards" given their location on the Czech border
  15. Single broken British WW1 victory medal!! Captain James D'Orsay Murray (January 22, 1874 - January 22, 1946) Veteran of the Spanish American war and the blockade of Cuba, Great War British Army and Nationalist speaker for the America First Committee. He was also associated with the Christian American Guards. Served as a Landsman with 1st Naval Battalion (New York Naval Militia) as a with the USS Yankee (Second division) from the April 28 - Sept. 2, 1898, Cuban Blockade. The U.S.S. Yankee was originally built as the passenger liner El Norteas. She was acquired by the United States Navy in 1898 and commissioned as an auxiliary cruiser and fitted with (10) 5-inch guns, (6) 6 pounders and 2 Colt machine guns. On May 29, 1898 Yankee put to sea with orders to join the fleet off Cuba. On June 6th Yankee duelled shore batteries off Santiago. On June 7th she participated in a cable cutting incursion at Guantanamo Bay. In company of the USS Marblehead, Yankee engaged two Spanish gunboats Alvarado and Sandoval, putting them to flight. Yankee and Marblehead then turned their fire toward shore silencing the fort at Caimanera. On June 13th Yankee engaged the Spanish gunboats Diego Velazquez and Lince, putting them both to flight. It also engaged the Sanbanilla Shore Battery before returning to blockade duty off Cienfuegos. Awarded the Sampson Medal (clasps USS Yankee), West Indies Campaign medal and New York State Spanish War medal In 1914 he was living in Italy as an owner of a vineyard at the time of the outbreak of the First World War. In 1915 he joined the American Volunteer Motor-Ambulance Corps attached to the British Red Cross (March to May 1915), he was initially an ambulance driver/Chauffeur in Doullens France in the Department of the Somme (US Passport Number 2468, Washington) and then Section Seven, Formation Norton-Harjes. I can only find a Jack D Murray on the BRC medal roll, also possible he was also awarded the French Victory medal as the Ambulance unit was attached to the French Army. Commissioned British Army as 2nd Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery, Special Reserve, 7 August 1915, Staff Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, 25th Division, 1916 From 7 January 1917 to July 1917 served with No. 2 Section, 29th Division Ammunition . Column RFA (Then hospitalised) Promoted Lieutenant, RFA SR on 1 July 1917, Captain Murray served first on the staff of General Burney, then as liaison officer on the staff of Lord Allenby from 7 Sept 1918 to sometime in 1919. As well as the 1914/5 star British War medal and Victory, he was awarded an Italian Order Of The Crown 5th Class which was Gazetted in 1919 and Mentioned in General Allenby's Despatches in the London Gazette of 12 Jan 1920 for services with the Egyptian Expeditionary Forces. Nationalist speaker for the America First Committee and supporter of Mussolini and Hitler and associated with the Christian American Guard, created in September 1940,it was not only against entry into the war. It also opposed aid. Its program was simple. Since the United States, if properly armed, was impregnable against German attack, there was no reason to help England. Aid would not only fatally weaken America‘s own defences. It would also draw the country into the conflict. The leaders of the AFC claimed they were motivated by concern for American lives. For some, this was no doubt true. For others, humanitarian rhetoric hid different motives. Many joined the AFC as a way of attacking President Roosevelt and the New Deal. It was dissolved on the 10th December 1941, three days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. At its peak, America First claimed 800,000 dues-paying members in 650 chapters, located mostly in a 300-mile radius of Chicago. “At the meeting of this organization held on Saturday, November 8th, Captain James D'Orsay Murray, a speaker for the America First Committee , was the main attraction. His audience cheered when he gave the Nazi outstretched arm salute and described the customary handshake greeting as a sign of weakness. He praised Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, and referred to Winston Churchill as a drunkard who would be lynched by the people of France if they could get their hands on him. He called President Roosevelt a forger, charging that the secret Nazi Map showing Germany’s intention with regard to South America was a fake. He offered old worn-out Nazi propaganda stories such as the claim that Athenia was suck by the British. He planted the seed of defeatism by claiming that Germany is merely prolonging the agony. Noble, chairman of the meeting, went even further in his praise of Hitler’s New Order and condemnation of the President. He charged that President Roosevelt was responsible for the murder of Huey Long.” Christian American Guards was a California-based front organization for the German American Bund. The group was organised in November 1941. The group was formerly known as the American Guard. Why someone who had volunteered and served in the British army in the great war would take this stand is unknown. He died in 1946 aged 72 at Los Angeles California, Captain James D'Orsay Murray is buried in the Los Angeles National Cemetery as a veteran of the Spanish American War
  16. This may cause some controversy, I had the medal repaired, and while I appreciate its re-sale and possibly its history may have been compromised...well here we are...bit shiny but should tone down...
  17. Wow, just love the first one; I am picking up the following documents, will show as soon as I have them, Order of the crown 3rd class as Major in Generalstaff, handsigned Kaiser Willi II Officers Long service decoration as Major in Generalstaff Promotion to Lieutnant-Colonel, handsigned Willi II Promotion Fähnrich Promotion Rittmeister, handsigned Willi II Promotion Rittmeister à la Suite, handsigned Will II Hesse Philipps Order Knights Cross 1st class as Major in Generalstaff further letters and items letter to him as commander of 21st division that his son was KIA at the Eastern Front
  18. I am hopefully picking up some more citations and documents belonging to the good General, however I have not been successful in getting hold of a good photo of him, if anyone has one to share, I would be very grateful
  19. Welcome your thoughts on this document, also 1) Can anyone decipher his name; where he was from, DoB; 2) Was he a flier or observer (or what) 3) Can anyone make out the unit he served in when he won the EK2, EK1 any other information that could help with research gratefully received, thanks, Paul
  20. The EK1 has imho been added, I thought that at the time, it was not sold as Freikorps just came with a bundle of docs, if it had been a recent deception then it would have been either marketed or promoted as a "rare" document to maximise its value....the cost of manufacturing such would be very costly....however it may have been done by the recipient, to make him a little more heroic, down the bierkeller, he is also not noted on Ancestry at all with that name or DoB, What I would like is a little more forensic information on the document such as units and operations and personnel info to clarify the points raised