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  1. Rick, Gerd many thanks, here is the rest
  2. Rick, sorry to be thick but is REO 4 the above order and what is his rank, long day at work
  3. Had in collection for a while would welcome any research advice and comments on the award, thanks, Paul
  4. Darrell, as ever thanks, welcome any other views as to whether they are known fakes and possible dates of manafacture (also welcome views on prices)
  5. Oh did he get any other medals I would like to get a representation of his entitlement again thanks
  6. I have two daughters they are yours, oh and a dog....wife.... house its yours, well perhaps not the dog !, many thanks, only picked it up last weekend had a preview of a show first thing I saw.....many thanks, Paul
  7. Can any one help ? do not have have access to lists
  8. Better photo, would I be right in thinking this is possibly a diplomat?
  9. Can any one identify the attached, thanks, Paul
  10. Rick, Steve, thanks for this, I have picked up some items which may belong to him, will post as soo as I can, many thanks, Paul
  11. Last shot, by the way it has a crack on the right wing were it joins the body and looks like its ben repaired, welcome your thoughtd and value
  12. The aim was (Police and Prison) Training, advising (mentoring) & monitoring sadly not enough were on the ground, in all a very effective bunch of lads and lasses who put themselves out.
  13. Iraqi Correctional Service These badges were designed by UK staff