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  1. The aim was (Police and Prison) Training, advising (mentoring) & monitoring sadly not enough were on the ground, in all a very effective bunch of lads and lasses who put themselves out.
  2. Iraqi Correctional Service These badges were designed by UK staff
  3. Police were based in Az Zubair Police achadamy, Basra Palace, Camp Abu Naji, Nasiriyah, and As Samwah, the Prison staff were based in Basra Palace (on the Military side), Camp Abu Naji, Nasiriyah and shared the police training facility at Az Zubair (spelling as per ID card). No met police to my knowledge served in Iraq I believe that apart from the 4 prison staff only one policeman will be entitled to both the IRSM and Telic medals along with 2x DfID staff who were TA and have previously served in Iraq, The initial prison team have just completed a tour in Afganistan
  4. The Police teams worked under the CPA and then transfered to the FCO, The prison teams were embeded with the military under a FRAGO in 2004 , but in late 2005 came under the FCO, all should get the Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal, 4 HM Prison Officers have been en given the Op Telic (Iraq Medal).
  5. Hi, I have the opportunity to purchase a group to a Romanian medical officer "Colonel Mavru Aurul" 1941-45, he should be entitled to the Michael Cross, Maria Cross, order of the crown, Star order and medical award in gold, all this comes with citations , could anyone confirm him and his awards, and any thoughts on price, many thanks, Paul
  6. Romanian Medal group

    Carol, if you know of any Order of Michael the Brave groups please let me know thanks again , Paul
  7. Came from an old collection, feels and smells good considerable age, but is it ok ?, if not like to see and compare, thanks, Paul
  8. Thomas you may have saved me as well many thanks, Paul
  9. Romanian Medal group

    Carol, thanks for your kind response,csorry it must have been his mistake, no Order of Michael, just what is here, Paul
  10. Welcome your views, Tony has said the same, the shape ihowever s the same as on the website and while I agree the pelt is strange it was not unknown to have brown fur, if the skull is a copy then I will return it if it is not (and it looks like its been on there for ever) I shall keep it (it was cheap) thanks again, Paul
  11. Romanian Medal group

    Carol many thanks, so is it worth purchasing? is it rare? and is it researchable? and whats it worth?
  12. Romanian Medal group

    Carol, please find attached, Colonel Mavru Aurel, Cross of Queen Marie 1st class etc thoughts please
  13. Romanian Medal group

    Carol, many thanks, Paul
  14. Romanian Medal group

    Have not purchased yet, need to find out a bit more, they are asking $1500 for the group plus documents
  15. Romanian Medal group

    Yes its the Order of Michael the Brave circa 1942-45, sorry yes "Aurel"
  16. I have a ground dug dog tag, with "0724" Rekr" "Depo" then "Waffen-ss Depica" would this be the Italian ss or a basic ss tag issued to a recruit, many thanks, Paul