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  1. Recently picked up a single British War Medal to 4251 A/Sgt Frederick Sullivan, 19th Battalion AIF (10th Reinforcement), Killed in Action 3 May 1917 DCM (recommended for the Victoria Cross)
    Enlisted 7 December 1915. Lived 339 Alfred Street, North Sydney, New South Wales 

    Served with the 19th Battalion AIF (10th Reinforcement), Killed in Action 3 May 1917, Distinguished Conduct Medal
    'For conspicuous gallantry during operations. He went out and found a wounded soldier(Mackey) about 40 yards from the enemy's trenches. He then returned for a volunteer, and with Private Weaver went back to the wounded sergeant. Finally they returned for a stretcher, went out again, and brought him in. They were sniped at the whole time.'
    Private Weaver mentioned in the Citation {4294 Frederick Steene Weaver KIA 12-11-1916) was also recommended for the VC and ended up with the DCM, 3543 Pte S.C. Mackey 8th Battalion. AIF. MM ..

    Severely wounded 18-8-1916,the only one of the 3 to make it Home

    Sullivan was born Dover, New Romney, Kent, England, 

    His Father was Jeremiah Sullivan, who was a serving soldier in the Royal Artillery his mother was Mary Shay (from Ireland) his full name was James Frederick H Sullivan he was born in Dover Kent in 1883/4 

    When he was seven (1891) he had moved to Portsmouth, the father was not in the picture (yet to establish why)

    It appears he joined the merchant navy at some point..certainly from 1909 and I have him on various ships as a steward up to his enlistment, 

    He was one of 60 recommended for the Victoria Cross

    Has anyone come across any other items belonging to Sullivan or a photograph...would welcome a heads up.  thanks for looking, P






  2. I  am trying to ascertain the forenames and medal entitlement to Oberst Niemoller also confirm war time service 

    Leutnant 14.01.93
    Oberleutnant 16.01.01 Qq
    Hauptmann 10.09.08 O4o
    Major 18.04.15 Ww
    charakterisiert Oberstleutnant aD, alive in 1926

    to Oberst Niemöller , Infantry Regiment 69 in 1914

    Joined the German army 19 September 1891 and transferred to the Marines 2 July 1900. Presumably back to the army when promoted to Captain in 1908 (still Marines in the Navy 1908 Rank List as Oberleutnant)

    Leutnant 14.01.93, Oberleutnant 16.01.01, Hauptmann 10.09.08,
    Major 18.04.15, Charakterisiert Oberstleutnant aD, alive in 1926

    1900: II. Replacement Sea Battalion, Wilhelmshaven (steel medal for waving bye bye to China expedition), 1902: detached from II. Sea Battalion to Ships' Boys Division, 1905: II. Sea Battalion, 1906: III. Sea Battalion with the East Asian Occupation forces, Tsingtau, 1907: still on duty with III. Sea Battalion in Tsingtau, China,  1908: same but back home with the Stamm III. S.B, 1909-13: commander 3rd Company Infantry Regiment 69, 1914: as mentioned above.
    Final WW1 wartime position: Commander of Infantry Regiment 347 in 87th Infantry Division.

    Any photos or biographical details gratefully received 


  3. Name:Calvin S. Hildreth

    Birth Date:11 Apr 1896

    Birth Place:Dalton, Massachusetts, USA

    Serial Number:41373

    Residence Place:Hallowell

    Military Date:31 Mar 1919

    Comments:Enl: RA Ft. Slocum, N. Y., June 1/17. Pvt; Pvt 1st cl Jan. 7/18. Org: Co D 48 Inf to Aug. 14/17; MG Co 2 Inf to disch. Eng: St Mihiel; Aisne-Marne; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. Received citation. Awarded French Croix de Guerre. Wounded in action: About Oct. 5/18. Overseas: Sept. 7/17 to Feb. 2/19. Hon disch on demob: Mar. 31, 1919.



  4. Many years ago Rick assisted me in identifying a pair of binoculars I have named to “Graf Anton Kerssenbrock” he was killed in action with Infantry Battalion 702 in Palestine on the 29 March 1918

    i am looking for any further information or mention in any period historys 

    and if possible a photograph of him....as ever many thanks, Paul 

    PS I have found his service record online which confirms the award of the EK2


    ANTONIUS Graf von KORFF genannt Schmissing-Kerssenbrock was born 30 June 1895 at the family estate in Brinck, son of former Vatican Guard Lieutenant and eventually Papal Privy Chamberlain "di spada e cappa" (that bit's beyond me, alas) Xaver Graf von Korff genannt Schmissing-Kerssenbrock and his second wife, Anna Reichsgräfin von Spee (living at Brinck in 1921)...

    as Leutnant der Reserve from Prussian Garde-Jäger Bataillon, detached to one of the infantry so-called battalions of the Palestine front, where he was killed in action 29 March 1918 at El Kafre, north of Jerusalem.

    Antonius's older brother Joseph (born 1886) had been killed in action in Italy in 1917 as a Lt dR in Garde-Schützen Bataillon. 

    Surviving siblings were:

    Anna and Mathilde (both nurses for the Order of Malta during the war), Karoline (a Red Cross sister in the war), Maria and the unfortunately named Cunigundis-- in convent school (I presume, being too young for nuns) at Kloster zum guten Hirten, and Elisabeth, Aloysius, and Agnes at home with their mother.    

    NOW, there WAS another branch of the SAME prolifically Catholic family who went by ONLY Graf von Korff genannt Schmissing, PERIOD, so it is POSSIBLE that at family gatherings wherein a LOT of binoculars might have been left in the summerhouse, Hypen-Kirssenbrock might have helped. I've seen weirder chop jobs on paragraph long monikers.

    "Graf Anton" is rather more worrying, since I'd have expected "Anton Graf." (NOBODY would expect Antonius... child abuse, that).

    As far as awards, there is nobody (above to the contrary    ) more "invisible" than a wartime Prussian Lt dR. But since I also have all 20 years of the Bund der Asienkämpfer magazines, I'll keep a lookout for any mention of his death in my periodic browsings of the articles, 1918-38.

  5. A friend in Russia has just researched a St George cross of mine...how do I research the regiment...any help gratefully received..thanks, Paul  


    This cross was awarded to:

    Soldier Mikhail EFREMOV

    9th Emperor Peter the Great's Ingermanland Infantry Regiment,

    3rd Kaluga Infantry Division

    For distinction in combat 8.03.1915



  6. WW1 Victory medal to 9/2143A, L/Cpl A.V. Andersen N.Z.E.F, . Arthur Valentine Andersen AKA Anderson, served with the 15th (NZ Company) Imperial Camel Corps from July 1916 (under Capt Tolmer (5 officers 125 men) until Sept 1917 when he was found unfit and returned to New Zealand (discharged January 1918).
    He enlisted along with his brother George from the New Zealand Mounted Rifles

    He took part in the battle of Magdhaba in the Sinai

    On returning home he went back to his work as a farmer in WW2 he tried to enlist twice once in 1940 and 1942 both times found to be unfit, he died in 1957 from his war time injuries aged 61








  7. Single British war medal, 

    Australian issue named "O.W.S. McCall Y.M.C.A."

    Doctorate Divinity 1924 and Doctorate of Literature 1942 International Lecturer on International affairs and theology
    Born 12 September 1885 Flemington, Victoria, Educated University of Melbourne, ordained in 1912, Minister of the Methodist Church of Australia, Methodist conference 1912-21, 

    He married Florence May in 1914.


    In 1914, just after his marriage he traveled to England with his wife for what purpose its not known and leaving to return to Australia in 1915 on the SS Medina.
    In 1918 he volunteers with the YMCA to deploy with the Australian forces, serving with them in Egypt, England and France from 1918-19

    legion 005 - Copy.JPG

    mil Colorized - Copy.png


    In 1921 he moved to the USA taking up residency with his family 

    He was; 
    Minister of the 1st Congregational church Berkeley California, 1921-39
    Minister of the 1st Congregational church, Chicago and Professor of Homiletics the Presbyterian theological seminary of Chicago 1939-43
    Minister St Andrews-Wesley, Vancouver, British Colombia and in Devon Connecticut 1943-until his Death in 1959






    He was a prolific Radio broadcaster 1921-1959 and Lecturer at the Pacific School of Religion Berkeley as well as writing a number of books 

    Cardinals of Faith (1924) 
    Stringing of the Bow (1928)
    Christs shining way (1931)
    Uses of Literature I the pulpit (1932)
    Gods of Men (1934)
    The hand of god (1939)
    In such a night as this (1946



    He died in 1959 He is buried in Woodmont, Connecticut, USA

    af66a626-c89d-4885-b2f1-279df8186fea Colorized.png




    whos who 1950.JPG