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  1. Chingis

    Sport Badges

    Somehow I can't edit previous my post. Hope it works now.
  2. Chingis

    Sport Badges

    Here is the missing one from Dr. A.Battushig's catalogue. W12b. MPR, Lion.
  3. Chingis

    Mongolian Partisan Badge

    Dondov (Дондов) is his first name (нэр) and unfortunately they didn't mention his last name (овог) on this document.
  4. Chingis

    Army Badges

    Hi fjcp, I used to study this when I was a kid. I think I could translate it from old Mongolian writing (uigurjin) to new Mongolian (cyrillic) word by word. I could also translate it to English but it won't be as good as Tsend's. If you would like I will translate it to cyrillic. Chingis
  5. Hi guys, I'm not quite sure it's the right place to post. But if you have any spare Mongolian orders, medals to sell please PM me. Thank you. Kind Regards Chingis.