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  1. AlexW

    Grand Cross Souval

    I saw this auction as well. Indeed prices for Souval and St&L made products have gone up quite a lot. I'm glad I already have a few sets in my collection. The Oaks in this auction is a nice early made piece. Later ones were made in semi-hollow construction. The ribbon is just a repro though. Regards, Alex
  2. AlexW

    Grand Cross Souval

    Wonderful Souval Grand Cross. I assume the core is already magnetic ? I have a few Souval and St&L Grand Crosses in my collection as well... top row are all Souval Grand Crosses in all variants that were offered. Second row are all St&L made Grand Crosses. The second pic shows two St&L Grand Cross stars (1813 & 1914) and a Souval made star (1939) Best regards, Alex