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  1. Rusfront

    Blucher-Stern in Moscow SHM

    Contrary to conjectures, the Blucher-Stern was not destroyed and was always stored in Berlin Zeughaus.
  2. Part of a show-window with the awards of Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher. Are shown for the first time after ending war. Are taken from a collection of Zeughaus as compensatory contribution in 1946. A state historical museum in Moscow.
  3. Rusfront

    UNRRA Police tag

    Thanks. I understand that the tag belongs to UNRRA... The information on such UNRRA police tags Is interesting!
  4. Rusfront

    UNRRA Police tag

    Dimensions 75 x 55 mm.
  5. Rusfront

    UNRRA Police tag

    I can not find any information on this police tag :banger:
  6. If Russian have not excused to Germany the damage, put by war, and as the Jews required indemnification - hundred generations of Germany would not pay this price... Germany crush itself the military honour...
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  8. - An embroidery of crowns on a ribbon of the 1899 pattern.
  9. - An embroidery of crowns on royal monograms on ribbons of the 1835 pattern.