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  1. Mattyboy

    Turkish Pilots Badge variations

    Carl Croneiss
  2. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. He is wearing the KUK pilot's badge on his right: http://www.austro-hungarian-army.co.uk/badges/feldpil.html
  3. Hi All, I was wondering if this officer can be identified based on his uniform and awards? It looks like the number '13' is on his shoulder boards, but what is his regiment and rank? Thanks & Regards, Matt.
  4. Hi All, Can anyone tell me the name on this photo please - something Graf....?
  5. Hi All, Did anyone else see this photo on ebay? I think it might be Generalmajor Siegfried Mummenthey (1886-1976) judging by the awards?
  6. The only reserve officer named Heldmann that I could find was in Field Artillery Regt 61
  7. Hi All, Does anyone have an example of the Hausorden & Ehrenkreuz shown on the same ribbon or medal bar?
  8. Hi Gunnar, Photographers name seems likely now that you mention it. It explains why his rank was omitted !
  9. Hi Gunnar, I'll have a look for these individuals and see whether I recognise any of their faces. By the way, there was a photo on the IWM website of the guy standing behind Hptm Lölhoffel. It says 'Vogel - Gera 1916' on the left of the image. Do you know anything about him?