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  1. Hi All, Did anyone else see this photo on ebay? I think it might be Generalmajor Siegfried Mummenthey (1886-1976) judging by the awards?
  2. The only reserve officer named Heldmann that I could find was in Field Artillery Regt 61
  3. Hi All, Does anyone have an example of the Hausorden & Ehrenkreuz shown on the same ribbon or medal bar?
  4. Hi Gunnar, Photographers name seems likely now that you mention it. It explains why his rank was omitted !
  5. Hi Gunnar, I'll have a look for these individuals and see whether I recognise any of their faces. By the way, there was a photo on the IWM website of the guy standing behind Hptm Lölhoffel. It says 'Vogel - Gera 1916' on the left of the image. Do you know anything about him?
  6. Hi CCJ, Sorry but I can't see anything, other than the Fliegertruppe insignia.
  7. With regards to the last photo, I believe that Leopold Anslinger in in the centre of the front row (with 54 on his sleeve). In the second row is von Grone on the extreme left, Hptm Lölhöffel von Löwensprung is 5th from left facing the camera, next to him (6th from left) is Hptm Erich Quade.
  8. Thank you Dave! Here is the link to the IWM images, plus a group photo which I saw elsewhere https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/search?query=&filters[collectionString][RINGER ERNST (HERR) COLLECTION]=on&pageSize=60
  9. Hi Gunnar, Thanks for the additional names - I should really have put numbers next to the signatures :). Yhe photos are from the Imperial War Museum (except for the one of Pokrantz). Ok here is the last one which I would like the advice of the experts please:-
  10. Yes there are too many names to all be from one unit. Another signatures looks like Loewe St. Ärzte, and perhaps von Karstedt at the bottom? Here is Lt Pokrantz:-
  11. Hi Gunnar, You mean like this? I have added the name Pokrantz (I know this man served with this unit, and the signature seems to fit. Also the name next to Pertermann could be von Landwüst?
  12. Hi GreyC, Thanks a lot, I'll consider this in future. I guess he'll remain a mystery for now. Hi Dave, Thanks for the note about Quade's award, and the additional names. Ok here is the photo of the silver plate. I think I can also see the names Zorer and von Kusel in there. Sorry but this is the best resolution I have.
  13. Hi Dave, Very interesting about Willi Ott, which is a new name for me. I hadn’t noticed the ’31’ on his shoulder strap! So von Landwüst is a good candidate. Does the abbreviation OK2 mean Friedrich-August Cross 2nd Class? Hi Gunnar, Thanks for the first names. The link to FFA 54 is tenuous for some of these people. I saw a photo of a silver plate which had signatures inscribed – I will post this photo later. Ok here is a nice photo of Hptm Erich Quade – does anyone know what award he is wearing through the button-hole along with the EK2?