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  1. Hi all, It mentions his Hohenzollern being awarded before his EKI. Are there any cases where this was known to happen? I know that there are a few examples of the Pour le Merite being awarded without the prior bestowal of the Hohenzollern (Erwin Rommel was one such example) but the Hohenzollern before the EKI ???
  2. Thanks for sharing. I don't know why, but I love this award! Especially like seeing photos of it being worn...
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for more information about this man (first name, date of birth etc.). I think he was commander of the Ottoman Fliegerabteilung 1 in 1915. Thanks & Regards, Matt.
  4. Hi Dave & All, A Hptm Körner was awarded the Hohenzollern as per the Militär-Wochenblatt issue of 18 September 1917. Does the book about this award by Krause/Lundström provide any further details about it?
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for your replies. I am guessing that Heinz Körner was also in the Fliegertruppe, because a man with this surname is mentioned at frontflieger.de as being CO of Grufl Sissonne in November 1917.
  6. Hi Bayern, Thanks for the link, unfortunately I cannot see his name mentioned on there. Great pics though!
  7. Hi all, Love seeing these photos. Here is my one which I posted on another forum. It might be Lt dR Adolf Degener, but I cannot say for sure...
  8. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your answers, it's greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi all, Can anyone identify this signature? It should be easy but I just can't read it for some reason....
  10. Hi all, I used to have an aerial photo from FFA 59 dated October 1916. It showed an area named Flaucourt. So they would have been operating somewhere in this region....
  11. Hi all, Two nice portraits from ebay recently. Sorry about the marks, they were made by the sellers. Are these individuals identifiable based on their awards?
  12. Very interesting! Thanks Glenn. Does anyone know what awards appear on his ribbon bar?
  13. What can I say except wow! I tip my hat to you knowledgeable folks. Many thanks for all the replies.
  14. Hello all, Does anyone know what these awards are besides the Iron Cross? Thanks,
  15. Hi all, Thanks for your comments. I couldn't find anything matching this award online either. Attached is the photo in it's entirety - I think the name on the reverse is General Buchholz, but I've not heard of him before...
  16. Referring back to my own post (no.27) from 2014, could the name be Hptm von Hünersdorff ?
  17. The only Hptm d.R. that I have found so far is Friedrich Ludwig Eduard Otto Lehmann born 13.Feb.1885 in Munsterberg. He was is Fusilier-Regiment 36 and he marriage record is on ancestry - but I don't think he is likely to be your man. But at least you might be able to rule him out with the details above?
  18. That last one looks tough to call, although the colour of the ribbon appears to match his uniform....